Monday, November 28, 2011

Circus Fitness Aerial Hoop

Thats what we are taught on the first class of Beginners! Single leg hook

Second class!
Unless u have wings, u need to have biceps to get up like tweety bird! We also did some fancy hand and leg switch thing that confused me. Can do it no problem now =)

Week 3 we did some... twisty thingie that can't be drawn and resulted in this big bad baby

Picture taken on the Sunday after a Tuesday class, if i took it on Thursday its much worse! You should have seen the panic on my friend's face when she saw it!

Week 4

One leg hooked and your back holding u in place!

In the following video, i've counted 5 to 7 things i can do!!! =)

Of course she does it and move onto more advanced stuff, i just learned to do the basic and then go back down to the floor. Soooo much fun! Empowering =)

It started to fade, can u see the C shape? Because the hoop is round

In week 13 of pole, i attempted the Nasty Girl.
8 weeks ago i was so frustrated i couldnt do it, now i am soooo much better. Still not perfect. The above drawing illustrates my mistake. The butt is too far away from the pole, in theory, its supposed to touch the pole.

Front view of the Nasty Girl, the right way to do it. The muscles in between my ribs hurt because of it!!!

BodyBalance at the gym today really helped! I also did extra floor stretching on my own =) =)


Isya said...

its damn freaking amazing u can do all this now!!! i feel horrified just looking at the pictures. i don't think i could do it. fear of heights and death and all lol
*hats off to you*
take a real video of yourself!!!

and btw, i rmbr the bruises we used to get from pole dancing. nasty!!!

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Isya! Yeah bruises are nasty! I have been wearing pants to work all the time now! Seldom skirt and if i do, i have to wear knee high boots to cover as much of my legs as possible!

Maybe will do an amature vid of hoop, hoop's got no negative stigma attached to it. Just dunno how!

MK Loo said...

just looking at the pictures gives me a lah, can I do all that? I squat on the floor already cannot get up without help!!!

Sue Lin said...

Aiyooooo, eat healthy, take supplements and exercise!!! Start some yoga???