Saturday, July 03, 2010

Haircut !

In some pictures i can cheat the camera into thinking my super long hair is pretty

But usually, its hard to wear, looks flat. So one fine day, i wanted to be spontaneous, took a pair of scissors and snipped off 4 inches!

Not bad at all, who knew i had skill in cutting my own hair? Smiling and patting myself on the back for a job well done

Above, before

After. Use my elbows are benchmarks

Before. Seductive?

After, quirky n fun-lovin'?

Before testing my skills

After finding out that i rock with a pair of scissors! And also after changing my top.

Locks. A year ago, i dyed my hair red on my own

By the way, i passed my fourth paper! =)

Earlier this week, i was worried cuz it was stated that my final paper is unconfirmed. Now that it says enrolled, i'm happy =) One to go!


Isya said...

damn slow internet, it can't load your pictures. i'll come back later! hehe.

Sue Lin said...

Waits for Isya's return =) Ur internet must be REALLY bad, cuz i made sure all my pictures are less than 50kb

Joey said...

Congratz on passing your papers!

I think you did a pretty good job on the haircut. You even got it to be nicely V-shaped! Nice, nice can save money

Jacqueline said...

U DIY ur hair! COOL!! Hahaha!!! Its nice btw. :)

Isya said...

i'm back!!!!!! hua hua hua. yeah, my internet is the horriblest! it loads some pictures but not others.

and good job on the hair!! i would never dare attempt something like that. the only thing i would cut myself is my fringe.

and congrats again on passing ur paper!!!

Sue Lin said...

Joey thank you! =) 11 years ago, i noted a unique way a hairdresser cut my hair to get the V shape. Kept it in mind and tried it that night! Yup, though i am trying hard not to mention the "save money" bit, it is in fact one of the reasons why i DIY

Jacqueline thank u!!! I am happy with it now. I think after a few weeks i will get bored and it will be time to bring out the scisors again! Might layer the ends more

Isya glad to have u back! =D Thank u!!! It was my first attempt at giving myself a whole head trim. Before this, i always stuck to the fringe as well.

This time i didnt touch the fringe, trying to have chin length fringe which is more like trying to grow out the fringe... hahha

Biopolymath said...

wow DIY haircut

Jacqueline said...

Hhahaha!!! Come n cut my hair tooo! :p

supplementals said...

gimmie ur long hair

Kathryn said...

congrats on ur results babe! and i didnt know your hair that long edi! hehe

Sue Lin said...

Biopolymath yup =)

Jacq sure, if u trust me =P Bear in mind, my hair is super long... thats why i dare to cut 4inches, if anything goes wrong i know i can go to a professional.

Supp grow ur own! Lol =P

Kathryn thanks dear! Yeah my hair is always long or longer!

dawn said...

Congrats on passing dear! :)

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Dawn! Hey i smsed u

supplementals said...

i just cut my hair short upon request. more like demand actually...

he gave me a 'modern' hair style.. with almost high top like this /\

so not used to it. i feel i look stupid and i feel stupid.

so please please gimmie some hair...!

Sue Lin said...

Supp Lol! Cant imagine u with that 'do! I saved some hair in an envelope, u can have it, good 4inches some of them =P

Sue Lin said...

My hair grew a good 3 inches in about 4months!!!

Good thing i am able to give myself trims. Comes in handy =) Didnt have time to go to the saloon when i was in KL for 16 weeks