Monday, January 25, 2010

Shoes in my closet

Wayyy back when i was in Melbourne, there was two warm weeks in August-supposedly the coldest month. Red boots were reduced to AUD 10 !!!

Snap 'em up wei! =) I've also got flat green elf boots too. Hahah. Last wore these red babies for the Wild Wild West Night

Also in 2007, i bought these glittery pair at half price!

Last wore them to this Karaoke session with colleagues =)

Really sweet, really lady-like and un-Sue-Lin-like shoes

Bought them in 2006 from Vincci cuz they were cheap (my weakness) and havent worn them yet...

Another pair from my college days

Still love the colour but my taste has changed, wouldn't buy a pair like that today

Oooh, these stringey thing! Back in 2004, i waited and waited for them to go on discount!

Worn only once, to the Ausmat awards night. My first ball with E!

Before my internship in 2006, i thought these shoes were formal and bought them for work

Only to find out that in audit firms u need shoes that covers the back/heel. Only worn once, to the interview of my internship

Today i dont think these are nice anymore...

Recall wearing them to the Monash Ball in 2006. If u click on the link, u'd realize my date for the ball wasn't E! Hahah! My guy friend actually asked me to go with him in front of E and then turned to E to ask if it was okay. My boyfriend's cool =)

Never worn these, so unpractical. Just try them on from time to time and admire them! HAHAAH

So pretty, you can tie the ribbon in front too !

Threw out a few that weren't lasting... father has been asking me to start my spring cleaning... its gonna be tough!


dawn said...

Boots are so cool! And so reasonable. Looks like good quality too :)

The last one can wear what. I think it's nice. But wow...u still have shoes from 2004 that's in good condition! WOW. :)

Sue Lin said...

Hey Dawn!!! I love boots! Looking forward to buying more! Elwyn's single aunt has this beautiful shoe cabinet, sooo sooo nice, his cousin n i were admiring it. I told him "I also want"! Haha

Thanks, hopefully i will be able to wear the ribbon shoes one day =)

Yeah! Vinci (the lady-like ones and the ribbon ones) and Nose (stringey ones) is quite lasting!

Cheryll said...

ooooh love your shoes!!! ill prolly start a shoe post of my own!


Sue Lin said...

Hahaahaha, Cheryll, i only get comments out of u when i blog abouts shoes, eh??? Its like u have a shoe detector or radar or something! =)

Do start ur shoe post! Cant wait to see, i'm sure u've got a larger and bigger stash just waiting to see the world! =)

Just Me said...

i like the last pair... heheheh you kept the shoes for so long!! (u got ur mum's habbit of keeping things!! ahhaha! me too la...) better dun wear them out or u'll regret! ahahah they'll open their mouths (the glue will wear out between the sole & shoe!) i remember my 1st pair of boots can't remember was it from small ah e or someone else... when i finally get to wear during a vacation to korea auttum/winter season yrs ago.. dat happened to me lor!! cos i do not own covered shoes back than those were my only option of shoes to bring along hahahah!! remember dat red black coat? was it borrowed from u? haiz.... wat about mine... hahaha... 6 months nv touched my boots!! collecting dust in the store room...
u make me wanna blog too but super lazy ahhaha..... i still have something i wanna blog the photos are ready just lazy to photoshop them.

Sue Lin said...

Hie Sherling! Hahaha we all have the same genes - like to keep things! =P

Nope, u didnt borrow any coat from me. It must be Ah E's. Blog about ur shoes! And whatever pix u already have! No need to photoshop la Hahah

Serene said...

I really like the ribbon one..
To bad I'm such a klutz on heels.. haha

Isya said...

dear, i think u have too many shoes. i think you should just get rid them and give them to less fortunate souls i.e. ME! heheh. why won't u wear the last one? it's so nice!

Sue Lin said...

Yeahhh! I love it too Serene! Thats why i HAD to buy them! Hahaha

Isya i dont know where to wear them to, hopefully i will one day =) I still love ur new Vinci ones, i looked for them on Sat but my size was sold out =(

Jacqueline said...

Tak habis-habis dengan kasut... hahahaha!

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, hampir habis d. Unless i buy new stuff! =)

Sue Lin said...

Glad i blogged this way back then =) So faraway now in Melbourne, i get to look at my shoes!!! =) =)