Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Handicap

Born with two left feet: I can't dance!!! Arrrggggggghhhhhhh!!! I screwed up in the contest, i know i did. Too nervous.

Brought a video camera and the whole contest was recorded. But ta-dah! Found out that everything is in the camera except for Spirit's dance! Perfect, i cannot watch it to be assured that i wasnt so bad.

Maybe it is a blessing in disguise. Maybe i was THAT bad, and the fact that the file is missing means i don't have to see how sucky i am. Sigh sigh sigh, winning 3rd place in a contest with only 3 competitors!! Hahahahaha.

Oh well, at least i made friends with these very nice people! Hardly spoken to them before this. The girl in pink beside me is captain of Spirit. One gal's missing, she rushed off to finish up her AFW3050 Financial Accounting Issues. I should have done that too. Underestimated the time needed to finish up the assignment.

We actually finished it in time =P But we had to re-write everything in pen. Didn't realize it'd take us FOUR HOURS! We allocated 2 hours. So we were two hours late, me and my best study partner ever: HL

The both of us copying like mad! E took the pix cuz my cam was lying around. We never realized we were perfectionists. We wanted the assignment to be the best it can be. In the end its turned out a lot worse.

Sat there for 3 hours, copying straight. Hand hurts from being forced to remain in a very unnatural position (holding the pen) for so long. HL said that its like shipwrecks and corals... we are the shipwreck and the pen is the coral that grew onto us. Laughed like mad.

Skipped lunch: we just had banana cake each. She was busy as the president of the accounting club, i was busy with cheer practise. She stained her formal wear in the rush to finish the assignment, i didn't have time to change into jeans. So irritating getting stares from people, never see a girl wear pleated skirt before ar?

Lecturer already left when we handed the assignment out. Had to slip it under the lecturer's door. It got stuck! Ah!

Lunch with E at Sri Hartamas before his appointment of pain, if u know what i'm talking about. Noodles in a crispy bowl. Good but very oily and small.

Unrelated picture, found it in my camera, my little Coco with puppy eyes. Right after her shower. And that thing in front of her is a banana. =P

Ps. I sucked in my stomach in the first picture =P =P =P And i did the put one leg in front of the other trick. Always does the trick!

Now i shall condemn charity.

Condemn the organizers of charity events to be exact. I hate the Forces of Natures Carnival one that is on tonight too. I wanna go!

But to be truthful, how much of the RM80 goes to charity? Hm?

How much of it goes into cost?

The charities i've done in uni. Selling donuts. Dunkin Donuts. We had to buy it at consumer price. By the dozen, and mark it up a lil.

Of course sales are good whenever u say "its for charity". But in actual fact, only a small amount actually goes to charity. The rest goes into the cost. Dunkin Donut are making hell a lot of money from students who run charity drives, aren't they? Its not like they slashed the price so that more of it goes to charity, do they? If they did, do inform me.

And remember those bands?

At least McDonalds disclosed the amount that goes to charity. Only a mere ten cents. How much did each band cost? RM2.90? Or was it RM3.90? But where does the rest go????? To Justin Timberlake for singing the I'm Loving It Song?

And people say its for charity. Right, can i be charity too?

Yeah, i'm a sucker for buying those bands. Cuz frankly, it was not just charity, its also a fashion statement. The for charity part is just to induce you into buying.

Heart softener.

I hate it when people say "its for charity" when only 30% or so of profits or so goes to charity.
Socks for Charity
Sale price : RM10
Cost price: RM2
Profit: Sale price - cost price = RM10 - RM2 = RM8
And if 30% of profits goes to charity, RM8 x 0.3 = RM2.40

So u paid ten bucks for the socks "For Charity" when only RM2.40 actually goes to charity.

The other RM5.60 leh? Big company's pocket is it?

Not fair right?! U make people pay ridiculously "for chairty" when not much of it actually goes to charity.

That's why donating blood is good, all of it goes to the person in need, not like the hospital owner can take some of your blood for himself. =P Hahahahha

Note: None of the statements are to defame Forces of Nature, Dunkin Donut, McDonald, any organizer who coincidentally happen to be selling RM10 socks for charity or any other fund raisers. None of this statements are implying that any these organizations are unethical. This blog entry is solely and entirely questioning the usage of the term "it's for charity" and the detriment the term "its for charity" has on kind-hearted consumers.


revel in me said...

You know what I hate about those bands..?? They were started to support a cause (I think Nike started it), say, breast cancer,freedom of speech etc, but because it became a fashion statement, people started buying them blindly without actually being aware of WHAT THOSE BANDS ACTUALLY STAND FOR.

I remember seeing a friend with numerous bands on his wrist, and I happyily asked him, wow, you support so many causes ar?? Which ones are they ar?

And he told me, hah, I dunno la, I bought them 'cause they looked nice.

What the fuck.

Please people, don't be a blind trend follower, stand up for what you believe in.

Jazzy*Pam said...

You look so cute wearing ur cheerleading uniform! ;)

sue lin said...

Revel in me, errr... I myself do not know exactly which cause the bands in the picture are for.

Which charity doesn't matter to me, as long as it is genuinely for charity and does not go some big shot company and its directors' spoilt brat kids!!!!

I am struggling to get by with my meager allowance and these people make me feel guilty with the phrase 'its for charity' when most of the money goes God-knows-where. That is what makes me really mad.

Cher! Hahaha, thanks! =) Only the skirt is part of the uniform, the shirt is just a tee from Factory Outlet Shop

valeriest ~ 琪 said...

Wow you look nice in that uniform of yours !!! Hope u will score well in the assignment :)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I have sometimes wondered how of the donations actually made it to the needy too.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I have sometimes wondered how of the donations actually made it to the needy too.

sue lin said...

Thanks Valeriest! =) Really dunno about the assignment

Chuang Shyue Chou, yeah! Drives me insane!