Tuesday, July 26, 2011

iPhone 4

is coincidentally the fourth phone i've owned in my life
My pretty. White little piece of technology reconnected me with many friends. What's App has taken over msn in my life!

Pictures taken the first day i brought home my phone. I couldnt use it, so i posed WITH it

It was a bitch to get the phone running, microsim what the hell man.

Nah, what really happened wasn't anything like this comic strip. But after 6 days, i finally decided to cut the old regular simcard with a pair of scissors.
I love my iPhone, i love my skirt, i love my stockings, i love my red Supre top, i love my hair, i love my main job =) I love my 4 year old camera and laptop. Love my 16 year old Starlet

No i'm not always happy, its just that blogging brings out the best in me! =)


supplementals said...

So much lovee, how much did apple pay u to advertise??????? :p

i'm using nokia n8 and it SUCKS. iPhone rocks* la

Sue Lin said...

Zero. In fact i paid them. They got a really good deal out of me.

I have nothing on my iTunes and i hate that i cant use my old sms squeeze tone. Stupid stupid stupid

MK Loo said...

love that red top and black skirt and black stockings to, errr about those thunder thighs that u did not inherit from me......am not so sure

Isya said...

iphone 4 in white? osom possum!!
welcome to the smartphone world :)

once in, you'll never turn back.

Sue Lin said...

MK Loo thanks! In Aust i'm not fat! Hahaha, so good

Isya thanks dear! =) Whats App me anytime!

d3eYanaSam said...

Yerr... I want iPhone 4 tooo.. :( :p

d3eYanaSam said...

Yerr.. I want iPhone 4 too.. :( :p

Sue Lin said...

Dee, ur BlackBerry no good?? =(

Earlier on i wanted BlackBerry instead of iPhone. Long long ago... then i switched to iPhone and had my heart set on it

Sue Lin said...

The phone dosnet love me back.

I didnt use much on Sunday.... shows 80% battery at night so i didnt charge. Monday morning, at 9am i tried to take a photo and it immediately died on me!!! WHole Monday without phone. How irritating!

Read about turning off wifi and 3g and resetting factory settings. Did all that and charged till full on Monday night.

Tuesday iphone on silent, no 3g so no push emails at all!!!! No sms no calls, the phone just sat in the drawer. Read emails a bit in the evening (maybe 30mins at MAX), did not send any out. 3 missed calls in the evening. Tried to test the camera and it DIED!!!!!!

Similar on Wednesday. Charged to full

Thursday. Similar to Tuesday. But with some smses throughout the day. A little bit of Whats app and checked my notes on the phone. Spring was in blossom, the day was beautiful, days are getting longer and night is getting shorter, i tried to use the iphone to take photos of a flower and it DIED!!!! Plugged it in at home and the battery jumped to 67%.

Oh yes, i ALWAYS make sure i close all applications and do not let anything run in the background. I am going to see if i can exchange it tomorrow. Hope i can!!! I cannot take this anymore, i bought my phone outright from Apple

Sue Lin said...

I was paranoid that they wouldnt wanna exchange my iPhone, so i tried to update my software 5 times, unsuccessfully. Was so afraid that they would tell me to go home and update the software.

I documented the whole week's phone usage, as per my comment yesterday for written proof.

Went in to the shop today... made an appointment - 40mins wait... Plus another 15-20minutes wait. It was jammed packed and so freaking crowded at the store!!!

I told the staff my problem and said we can test it. It shows 73% battery but when i tried taking a photo... it took a photo (past few days it doesnt even take a photo), in my mind i was like, shit..... this is not good. Then a split second later, it died! And i was like yes!!! At least it didnt pretend to work when i was at the store!

The staff immediately said u'll be getting a new uphone! Whoa, i was so shocked i didnt know what to say! I wasnt expecting that at all, i was prepared to fight for a replacement! He apologised that i had to go through the inconvenience, and got me a new white iphone 4 =)

Sue Lin said...

The new iPhone is so good! Charged it on Sat night. And then used it at the snow mountains on Sun, lasted me through Monday. Charged it Mon night

And with normal work day usage not much different from last week, it lasted 3 full days! 29% left =) I did play some games over the past few days, and made a few calls.