Saturday, January 17, 2009

Volunteer Work

When my dear E was away in Singapore for the Tattoo Convention 2009, i kept myself busy like any Datin would. Hahha, kidding, we aint no Datuk and Datin!

Saturday night 10 Jan i manned Gerai OA's booth, only for a short while though

I helped sell handicraft made by the Orang Asal (Orang Asli refers to the indigenous people in Peninsula Malaysia ONLY, while Orang Asal includes Sabah and Sarawak as well). 100% of the sale monies is returned them.

There were a lot of other second hand clothings etc on sale behind me! I just browsed

The handicraft

It was quite fun. As i was new i was still examining the goods on sale! HAHA. Looking for someting to buy and i bought this:

RM16 cuz it takes 3 days to make. Plan to use its three compartments...

... as a namecard holder and receipt holder (Auditors need to keep receipts for work related travel to be able to claim expenses =) But i gave it to my mom instead

Oooh, Cant wait for Jan's pay! Claims the co owed me since Jul, Oct and Nov 08 will be finally paid to poor me! Chinese New Year shopping, i cant wait!!!!

The booth was this Youth 09 thingie at PWTC.

I've never heard of it, have u? The leader volunteer lady was saying tht people like herself and i are too old to hear of these things. Mannnn, though i keep on feeling old, no one else has spoken to me that way before!

Oh btw, i got to know abt Gerai OA via the company i work for. They had a Green Week... (with yummy free NewZealand ice cream!) and from their emails i heard of diving to save Coral Reefs, but need to get diving license first. Anyone interested to go learn diving in PJ with me???

Ps. All's fine... well almost all's fine regarding the last post, almost there, almost there~


Isya said...

no worries, ur still young!! i refuse to believe we are old!!!

oh hello. i decided to drop by and say hello while i have to answer my tailored procedures. such joy and fun i tell you :S

CNY IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!

Sue Lin said...

Hie Isya! Lovely hearing from u =)

Urg, answering tailor procedures! BORING! Hate doing that!

CNY is next week!!! Did u take an extra 3 days off??