Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hoop Videos of Me!

Put my name down for the Christmas Showcase, attended practice and ta-da!

Tell me what u think!

Ready to roll!

Look at my arms! I see muscles!
Check out the blond behind me, she has bven bigger biceps!

Swing swing on the Compass Spin!

Love the pink lighting and my silhoutte =)

My blog is a shrine, narcissist self worship!

You have to love yourself before u can love others =)
Chin up! Pole and hoop are related because both demand upper body strength. The first few times at pole classes this year, my arms ached from Tuesday to Saturday.

I cant believe i did pole and hoop four days in a row this week and my arms are only mildly aching now. My ribs/centre/core hurt though and the back of my legs are all bruised...
The Normal Flag. Look at my reflection in the mirror!!

Was shit scared the first time i did this! But at the same time i felt so graceful!

Feeling beautiful is intoxicating, addictive and empowering, that is why i love hoop!

It was also a childhood dream to be a circus performer! Hahahah

Felt awesome up there as The Lady in The Moon, i cant see anyone below but i could hear the crowd cheer as we extended our arms!
Nope, no fear of heights! Its just amazing!

This move is called Smokey Joe

Take a closer look, in the Smokey Joe, we dont sit on the hoop, one leg is hooked and i hold myself in place using the back!

In the midst of doing the Flip Switch. This picture has the most circus look!!! =)

Part 1 and 2 of the performance

Messed up some of the floor work so i cut out those bits! Hahaha

In total i attended 2 casual classes, 7 course classes and 1 performance practice before the showcase =)


Out of Sync said...

A very impressive display of strength and balance, nicely done!

Elwyn said...

wahhhhh~! unbelievable how much stronger you are now. respect to you girl~!

Isya said...

OMG. one word for you... FAMAZING!!!! keep up the good work sue lin.

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Aaron! Your so kind! =)

Elwyn thanks! Yeah, a lot stronger upper body

Isya!!!! Thanks dear!!! =) =) Definitely gonna continue!!!

MK Loo said...

I see the hoop I also scared already lo!!!!

Sue Lin said...

So fun!!!!! =) Did something really scary yesterday! But it was only scary the first time, after that not scared d!