Monday, November 16, 2009

Shoe Fetish

My work shoes are falling apart, need a replacement. Ended up getting these! HahahRM64, TCS Shoes

While the sales assistant was getting me size 8, the Bargain Bitch's eyes was drawn to the 70% mountain of shoes! HAHA, i have a weakness for discounts. Picked out a green pair of classics

Guess no one wanted to buy plain, green shoes at RM100? I paid RM30 after less. TSC Shoes. Great for work, easy to put on and slip off =P

Went home to realize, i have another pair of classics i havent worn

Wore them Friday and it hurts. Brandless, RM50 from Sungei Wang

Decided to do a catalogue of my shoes, since i can never remember what i have, and always end up wearing the same old things.

Love the colour, and love the unique strappy back.
Afer 50% discount, paid RM60. Bartic, Isetan, Lot 10

I love shopping there, good discounts, got this pair from there too

Twins, paid RM 64.50 after 50% discount.

Here's one of my few branded pairs

Nine West. AUD40 if i remember correctly, from Melbourne.

The only other pair of branded shoes i recently bought are Hush Puppies, featured here.

In the past 1 year and 8months, i've bought a total of 13 pairs of shoes/sandals! Is that a lot? Judge me! I wanna know

Last but not least,

Not because i love them most, but because the picture turned out artistic! Esarli, RM32 after 40% discount.

Taking the pictures above took me an hour, selecting and simple editing took another hour. Writing and layout took another hour. I enjoy the whole process =) I love blogging!


supplementals said...


Isya said...

eh ur shoes very nice and colorful!!! but i love ur nine west one. my sister has that in blue.

i loves shoes as well. im more of a shoes than a bag person but my mom doesnt let me buy so many cause there's no where to put them :(

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAHA, Supp! My mom always says i've got a lot of shoes. Dont think so la. Hahaha

Thanks Isya! I was about to say i slept earlier than u last night, then realized that u woke up earlier than me! Hahah

I didnt know Nine West had them in blue, when i bought it was clearance time! Haha

I'm the same as u! More into shoes than bags! Haha, someone said its either shoes or bags. My mom scolds me too but i dont really listen

Weird Dan said...

Wah... shoes.... girls always keep buying shoes. Sometimes have to prevent them from walking towards places with shoes, in order to stop them from spending too much XD

Jacqueline said...

Hahaha!!! U can actually rmb all the prices!! *salute*

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAAH, yeah Dan, i agree! My bf, whom i always refer to in this blog as E, was crazy enough to suggest we exercise by walking 10,000 steps in malls every weekend! And i was like, u CRAZY AR?! Guarantee i will SHOP.

Jac hahaha, no la, the price tag is still on the box and i keep the shoes in their boxes. I normally buy at 50% so its easy to do the math. If its not on the box, its in my expense book, so can check =)

Besides, all these were bought within the last 2 years, not too long ago! Hahah

Anonymous said...

ooooh i heart those shoes!!!!!!!!!!

cheryll the shoe whore

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Cheryll! =) U've got really pretty pairs too, i can remember!

Valdez Lisa said...

wow...thats damn A LOT!!! and you really know where to buy cheaper stuffs!!! I need a pair of shoes too...any recommendation?

Sue Lin said...

Vlisa, hahaha, a lot arr? Aiya... i want more! Hahah.

Cheap stuff can be found anywhere, go into those low-end brands and look for the 50% or 70% sign boards! Trial and error from there. Haha

dawn said...

I like the first pair the most =)

For me 1)Dresses 2)Shoes 3) Bags. :)

It's Saturday! :)

Sue Lin said...

Hey Dawn! =) I wanted to get a pair like the first one since ur MDG finale! So happy! Hahah

U've got ur priorities straight eh?

Mine's still a blur, dresses or shoes? Dresses or shoes!? No idea!!!! But bags definitely come 3rd to me too!

Sue Lin said...

I miss the light blue ones! And the Hush Puppies~! I forgot about them =( Would love to bring them to Aust but they were falling apart so i left them in KL