Friday, October 14, 2005

Not the Update U Want

Realized my blog is becoming some moral book. Lessons here and lessons there. =P Don'tcha think so from reading the comments i wrote in my last post? Haha, can't help it.

And here i go again.

In a small paragraph in that previous post i wrote about how we, okay, I shouldn't stereotype people according to their profession... err... yeah, i sort of accused the cleaner lady of stealing my bag. How many of you would have suspected so too? Sadly, it is pretty normal to label them that way.

Anyway, like i already said, i found my wallet and she wasn't the one who took it... I felt bad about accusing her and so, despite being so embarassed, i just had to inform her that i've found it. She was pretty cool about it.

Yesterday, when i saw her around, i was still a bit embarrassed and kinda ran away before she could see me. I can't avoid not running into her, i never noticed, guess she's in charge of the toilets on the 2nd floor, that is where the computer labs are.

But today! =) I saw her and i don't know what got into me but i.......... called her out of respect, "Mak Cikkkkk", i greeted her, smiling. She heard me and smiled back! A big smile which reached her eyes.

I felt so happy.

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