Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sad to go Shopping??

Like most girls, i LOVE shopping. And i'm going shopping after this post. But why am i sad? =( Cuz i have no $$$.

Since the holidays are coming, i bought prepaid cards, a lot of them in advance, cuz my mom n bro uses them too and they are cheaper in uni. During the holidays the uni shop closes. So, using what i learnt in accounts, that is anything prepaid is an asset. I spent RM200 on top up cards. And then the next day, there were those Hotlink traveling vans that visit colleges... and they had even better offers. Free t-shirt, kinda nice. So i spent another RM100 on PREpaid cards. Damn it, I know, it's an asset, good, according to accountants, but i'm suffering!!!

And i've already maxed out my card... To the limit! Hahaha... terrible? And i plan to use my boyfriend's!

Just kidding. I maxed out my library card only, not my credit card... 10 books, the maximum. Haven't read a single one of them. But figured i be a bit kiasu this time la.

But i did already spend too much on my credit card... =( The usual includes my dental appointments and my petrol. Stupid car service this month, i know that is unavoidable expenses, but still... it makes the total much bigger. Not to mention i bought the 3 for RM50 shirts at Pyramid... Normally dun use my credit card for anything except dental appointments and petrol, cuz i want my father to trust me.

I bought those shirts cuz my mom supported me! Haha, she was so nice, say that i spend very little compared to others. Which is true, since i got my credit card, i've only used it twice aside pretol n dental appointments. My mom told me to use it! Hahaha. So i did! But dun dare to swipe it again anytime soon. Except for petrol and dental appointments...

My best friend and i are going to the Curve later, to the flea market thing. Hopefully stuff's cheap. But is it? I mean, that flea market is VERY popular, eveyone's heard of it and it appears in the papers often. So commercialized, do u think they'd still sell cheap stuff? I'll find out and keep u updated k?

Ahhhhh, why does the darn place have to be so far? A good 20+km away. And i'm driving. Ahhhh. Why must all the good malls be so far away? Why are Cheras people stuck with Leisure Mall and a brankrupt empty Plaza Phoenix? And an ok but still not so good Jaya Jusco?


supplementals said...

hahaha,, the assets only good if u're gonna make money from it!

soo imm said...

te flea market at the curve!
i've been there b4, they have pretty neat stuff but sadly i din have the time to browse around :(
so how was da shopping spree?hehe.

sue lin said...

Nah... two of my accounting lecturer used prepaid cards as examples of assets =P =P Even if it's not, SHUT UP!

Haha, wasn't too bad. Gonna write about it

Debz said...

Sue! you mean M ran away???? :(

sue lin said...

No no no Deb, haha... err long story, will tell u... remind me.