Saturday, October 15, 2005

I'm So Angry at the World

I kinda HATE humans right now. All of them. And i'm not even referring to all the killings and war that goes on. I'm talking about sin EVERYONE commits, whether u admit or not, whether u call it complaining or kutuking or whatever. Gossip.

In that fateful post, i wrote something about wanting to cry. No one asked me why or showed any concern. But the negative sentence i wrote. Wah, must go and talk about it 2 weeks later and analys it and figure out who i'm talking about lar? Har?

I'm NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT trying to target those who told him about what i wrote, seriously i'm not. My point is human nature! Why is it so interesting to talk about the negative?? All the postive posts i wrote... wasted? Do u know how sad that makes me?

And messages go out wrongly. I'm sure u've played this game before, pass the message in a whisper. Read this , it explains it well.

Note: I didn't intend to make the layout that way. There was an error with the html and it turned out that way. Seemed to suit my mood and reflect the emotions i was feeling at the time i wrote that post so i'm leaving it that way.


supplementals said...

wow. expressive writing.

go bathe in ice dudette.. and CHILLLLL

sue lin said...

Haha, dude, i already said there was an error with the html... actually it was worse one, all bold, lagi garang and 'expressive'. Hehe.

I'm better now. =)