Friday, October 07, 2005


Sweat like mad hunting for newspapers, no fan in that room. E asked me to look for newspapers for him. Got kinda grumpy, until i started thinking. U know that saying 'behind every man is a woman'? Hahaha. Felt like it was sooo true.

Kind of like our duty. Haha.

But it's not like i help much, because we are in different Unis, i guess. Not like Je and H in VU. Heard Je did very well... and then heard it was probably because of H.

To be totally honest, i'm not doing very well either la. What more help E?? I'm dying. Struggling, putting in too little effort. Always intend to do work but never do.

I saw J's results and i got shit scared. If A- were 80% she's have 3 of them? Wahh, means average 80 lar. Sad la, how am i doing? Average 66% only. Wanna cry. I'm so stupid and lazy.

Ok, enough. Gonna go search for more of E's newspapers. And then read some stupid marketing. I HATE MARKETING.


Joey said...

Dear, u haven't seen how hardworking (which is just a nice way to say nerdish) I've become. heheh...

Come on, ur results r quite good. C! U tot u did badly for ur Marketing assignment but u got highest wey. hehehe tats good. Congratz :-)

sue lin said...

Haha, aiyoh... i'm supposed 2 be nerdy tooooo.... what's your secret???

No la, marketing... lucky la... won't be so good in the exam, which carries most marks. Happened last sem with Management.