Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Year 1, Sem 2 , Part 7

Did i get the part# correct? Can't remember the last part i wrote abt uni life... doesn't matter la, if i dunno, u lagi dunno right? =)

Due to the... upheavel in my life, which i caused and is my fault anyway, my studies have been affected. Started a 3000word essay 2 days before it was due. And couldn't write more than 300 words on Saturday. Had to do most of d damn thing on Sunday and Monday morning.

Marketing again, the second marketing assg, which is a follow up on the first. No, i'm not here to blame her again, if that is what u are thinking... stupid doubt, go away!

Yeah yeah, i did do well the last time although i did it last minute, i'd do well again right? Don't think so lar. How much luck can a person have? Runs out one u know.

Whatmore, the lecturer somehow thinks i'm this good student who does her work early (hahaha, who me?) ... he told a friend of a friend who told my friend who told me (My friend laughed like hell too). Thank god the lecturer doesn't know our faces. He only knows our names and our marks. Hahaha. "U tell me your name, i'll tell u your marks", he said without refering to any list. Scary! The second assignment by Sue Lin is really gonna dissapoint him, sorry sir!

What if i do do well? Then... thank god lor... thank u meh? Hehe, joking.

It was pretty hellish, the super up stressed feeling inside... and we had to draw up an advert and products. When i felt THAT stressed, i moved to spend some time on the artistic part of the assignment. Satisfied with my drawing, but if given the time, i'd have drawn more. I love drawing. The hour and a half spent drawing really calmed me down.

Handed it out like, 5 minutes before the due time. I think i've mentioned something like this before... Speeding to Sunway to hand out the assignment?? Looks like it happens a lot with me.

Note: speeding to me is going slightly below 100kmph. My baby can't go any faster without flying, i sayang her ok? And i dun wannanother wonderful thing to happen in my wonderful life.

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