Monday, October 10, 2005

Lots of Regrets

Regret i didn't buy much much much more, that is! Hehehehe.

Okay... don't like their packaging, makes them look more ah lian and lala than they actually are. And i wear these earrings well okays???

And they're cheap. Guess. 3 pairs for RM10?


RM10 for 5?


They cost me RM2 for 3 pairs. The guy didn't wanna do business already. So i bought 6. Yeah one pair's missing. Gave it to my new Indonesian maid, T, she's so young, just 16. Kinda pity her, so young have to go sooo far way to work. I try to make things easier for her. With gifts, for now. Be friends later. I'm not that sociable. She was happy with the small gift. Really happy. Oh, she's new. The last maid we had ran away.

The last maid ran away without taking any of our money or jewelry, so nice of her. And in return i hope she doesn't get ill treated by the people she ran away with.

So... next thing i bought...
This bracelet. RM10. Forgive the large background. That's my bedsheet. Still over-excited about my bedsheet, i love my bedsheet, looks so nice... couldn't cut it out of the picture! Hehe. Hmmmmm... It, the bracelet, doesn't really look nice here. Somehow it isn't sparkling. Bad photography.

Normally, my pictures, all of them go through natural selection. Familiar with that biology term?? Haha, it just means i take 3-4 photographs and then pick the best for my posts. Since i'm not as free (or as skillful) as Ms Famous Blogger to go photoshop everything. Reason why the bracelet don't look so good here is cuz... errr... i only took one photo this time... b'cuz... umm... when i previewed it on the cam, i was mesmerized by my bedsheet... i thought it was a good photo.

Hahaha, forgot that the bracelet is the main focus and not the bedsheet, Stupids.

Last item i bought. Stickers. Customised to say whatever u want it to say. I went crazy and got 600 pieces in my sister's name, my name, my mom's name, Bay Bee Tea and some for E. And one (hundred) of E and me. No point scanning them up here, won't look good. Cost me RM20. Only regret is i didn't design my sister's well enough.

Speaking of mah sis....! =) The art i mentioned helping her with... She got an A!!!! =) Here's how it works, they give them the art exam questions in advance and parents and family are to help these little standard one kids... so cute.

My sis picked question 2. Cut out coloured paper in the shape of triangles only and use that to make a collage. Limited to 3 colours. I helped her design and cut out hers. Here's her (and my) work!

U know what the pink and yellow thing on the upper left is supposed to be?? Angels! Hahaha, i looked online for Christmas and i saw angels... told her to make angels that way and then i thought they looked funny... but apparently she liked them soooo much. Sooo cute.

Note: I'm not super free to Blog all the time. I just LOVE blogging. Therapeutic. Was feeling down earlier on but this post helped me feel better.


Joey said... spree. Cheap, too. I love those. heheh...the stickers sound cool

Wah, u r quite creative ah. Pretty good with art. I'm hopeless. hehe

Jazzy*Pam said...

SHOPPING IS LOVE! Lols, post more entries like this, so much fun!! :D

She's Jess said...

Hey... where you got those stuffs? Stickers and all?

sue lin said...

Haha, Joey! Aiyoh... and ask Elwyn where he used the first sticker! Like a small kid. Hahaha =)

Haha, Cheryl, i would... if i had the time to shop more =( and the funds.

Stuff's from the flea market, Jess. The Curve. Saturdays and Sundays 12-6pm. =)