Thursday, October 05, 2006

Great Day

Saw this attention grabbing notice written in many different highlighters on the notice boards on the way to class. Decided to read it after class. Sounds like a psycho!

The girl lost a gift and she says she's super stressed with her first year second semester assignments and claims to be suicidal. The notice was 4 pages or so long. She even offered lunch as a reward.

The described item lost sounded familiar. Vague memories of the it played in my mind, was it a dream? I thought for a while and it became clearer. I did see it on Monday when i was photocopying my academic transcripts for the internship.

Sent and sms. Added: "Hope it helps!". Received a reply not long after, offering me lunch. I was like "err... u go see if its there or not first".

And guess what she already claimed it! The girl seemed a bit scary from her notice. So i smsed E to let him know where i was and even sent him her number for safety.

She called me and since i had no one to eat with, i decided to go for it! She seemed normal! Chirpy and talkative and nowhere near suicidal lar. And i've seen her around. Monash Business Club. Not bad lar the lunch! We discussed the ball, politics (Monash politics) and other general stuff. =)

Then i went for my duties as a poll clerk. It was fun! Talked away with a friend when no one was voting... i was getting paid RM5 an hour to hang out and make new friends! Haha.

Stupid blur me cancelled the wrong name even! I dunno how come my luck is so good, the wrong name i cancelled happen to be that girl's sister and she happened to be right there too! They were voting together!

Met with another friend who studied in the campus i'm going to next year. Gave me pointers and maps and tips on living in Monash University Peninsula! =)

And then traffic was totally clear to Midvalley! E and i watched The Devil Wears Prada! Wednesday rates! =) Good seats, great movie. Relates a lot to the current state i'm in... sacrifices and the choices you make in work.

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