Sunday, October 08, 2006


Read in a magazine that when two girls, example sisters, spend a lot of time together, their menstruation cycles tend to be about the same.

My Study Partner and i have been having our periods at the same time since June i think!!! See how much we have been studying together?! Hahaha.

This month, mine came a week early. I thought that's the end of our period coinciding. But the next day she told me hers is early too! Whoaaaaaaa.

Its just amazing to me.

About donating blood... =( =( =( Even though i disclosed the fact that i had a tattoo done within the past year, even though i said i had my period and even though i have cough and flu (but am healing), they allowed me to donate blood.

But stupid stupid me took cough medicine the night before. We are not supposed to take any forms of medicine within 24 hours of donating blood. So there. I can't donate blood =(

They pricked my finger for no reason!


typlotion said...

nvm la...since u every month also donate blood at least once liao mar... :P

sue lin said...

Hahahah, Typlotion, that one is not donate blood... that one is THROW away blood

Marcus@Home said... about cleansing our blood..

sue lin said...

Haha, Marcus how ar? Not quite sure what u are talking about la