Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hey, one more thing i have to say before i go to bed:

To the person who hasn't been a very good friend. I know what u've done. I have forgiven u the first time around. And tried, u may not notice, with difficulty, to be friendly to u, as if u did no wrong. Now, i can't forgive you. Since no serious formal punishment has been carried out, I'm going to put u into the grapevine (a term used by Ms C in Management) in hopes of ruining your reputation.

I may sound low. Like a bitch. Whatever. But, i guess i can now apply some MGW1010 Managing People and Organizations. In management tutorial, Ms C spoke of gossip and backstabbing. In class i wondered why she'd spoke of it. In secondary school, in Moral class specifically, we usually ignored reality. Now i realized why Ms C talked about gossip and backstabbing. She did because it IS an inevitable part and parcel of life, whether u like it or not.

You can't control what people say. (Unless, maybe, u do what my uncle does) And sometimes.... gossip and backstabbing is the only way.

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