Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hey, since no one's free enough to chat with me on msn, i'd blog. Besides, i guess i should update u. My car... repairs cost RM1000 and i dun really know why, my father says he's paying for it and not the stupid idiot who hurt my baby or any insurance company. Sad, huh?

Why did i have to want to go for extra classes on Wednesday when that should have been a holiday for me? Why?

Yes, yes, ok, i know the answer and i'll admit! I fell asleep in the Business Statistics lecture on Monday. So i decided to go for the repeat on Wednesday... and on my way to college, the stupid accident happened.

So, i wasted RM1000 by not paying attention in class. Horrible... must remember this in the future. Mustn't repeat my mistake. Money doesn't grow on trees. And it doesnt fall from the sky either.


Joey said...

HUH?! What happened? How come the bugger isn't paying?

sue lin said...

Just found out that whether or not u claim from YOUR own insurance or the other person's insurance, u aren't entitled to the No Claim Bonus.

Sucks. Curse insurance companies. Whats the damned point?