Wednesday, May 25, 2005

On Sunday, when i was supposed 2 be studying, i went on a spree. Nope, not shopping spree, my parents wud kill me. I went on a testimonial spree, i think when i'm using the compthey can't tell the difference between assignments and Blogging... since both consist of writing...

So, the testimonial spree, wrote quite a lot, and about a 1000 characters each. Some of them owed for ages. I just wrote and wrote. I seriously love writing. And then today, Tuesday, since Monday is a holiday, all the Thank Yous started coming! I kinda forgot who i wrote for so when they thanked me i'm like "huh?" at first and then =). First A thanked me, then C, then P and later on M.

And a moment ago i read that J thanked me in her Blog, since we aren't in the same campus anymore. But oooops, i accidentally gave her credit for designing the skins of her Blogs, should've credited her for her choice of skins instead.

Who did i write for? I wrote for a few people-J, E, M, P, A, C and K. And X. That's a total of 8 testimonials or more, i think. No, nine, wrote one for S too. I didn't know i wrote that many.

Next topic of this post... from reading T's Blog and her friend K's Blog, i realized that girls can be real gossips. That's a nice way to put it, what T said is girls are bitches. I'm not denying it, i'm guilty too. Besides, sloth, greed, pride, anger, gossip is my favourite sin.

And there's this particular friend i talk about a lot. First i told my bestfriend about her. Then i told an ex-course mate... the next night i told an ex-school mate. Then yesterday, i told my mom. The same story four times. I find it amusing to talk about her. I know it's wrong. But i can't stop.

I find myself kinda distant from her, used to be so close. Don't think it's cuz i gossiped about (yet). But mainly cuz of the guilt. But it's possible that it's because we're not studying in the same faculty...

The (yet) scares me, if she finds out, she'd be deeply hurt. I don't wanna do that. But the things she does... gives u a lot to talk about. But no buts-- gossip wrong, must STOP.

Okay, let's be realistic. Gossip about HER must stop. But i'd still gossip.

Haha, but there won't be that much to talk about d...

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