Saturday, May 28, 2005

I've been reading SI's blog again... she's good in writing. And i like the issues she brings up, inspires me 2 write. This time it's about plagarism.

Monash is very strict about it... looks like all unis are. If caught with plagarism, both the copier and the person the work belongs to get a zero. Really sucks for the one who did the work. But how can u say no to your friend, how? And in uni, discussions and helping each other out is the key to success since u won't have enough time 2 do everything on your own.

That is one reason why i do my work last minute. So when people ask me about my assignments, i can honestly say i haven't done it, or i can give them an incomplete one. (The other reason i do my work last minute is cuz... erm... i procrastinate. Hehe) And i tend to get journals from one friend and share it with another in exchange for more journals. That means i don't search for journals at all.

I also don't ask anyone for their assignments... but if they offer it to me, hehe, i'd say yes. In my last assignment, my friend offered me her friend's assignment. Her frend scored 10/10 for his 1st assignment. How could i say no? And i did copy and paste. BUT i looked at the lecture notes. His sentence is right out of the lecture notes. So, if i get accused of plagarism, i'd say it's from the notes, since it really is. It's business statistics, by the way. No references are required.


MaS said...

hahahaha ..... copying is ok .... but dun copy from just 1 person .... copy from a few ..... but if u cant get many .. then u must edit wat u have copied from others u know ..... then guarantee not counted as plagarism .... sadly .... KT wont think of it dat way .... he is a perfectionist ....

sue lin said...

ooooh... so it's KT who is involved in plagarised. Hehehe, was wondering la, not even an initial the Blog i read. So, he's the giver or the copier?

it's really good to hear that u copy wisely. was getting worried abt u.

thanks for the additional information... and yup, Monash is real strict abt plagarism... cuz some guy who really berjasa kepada Monash was forced to resign because he plagarised in uni

soo imm said...

hey girl! thank you so much for your comments :) u're the 1st 1 to praise me ever since i've started blogging i think.
i'm on cloud9 XD

kt was the giver.... u can read his blog under plagiarism.

mas: haha, a bit misunderstanding la. kt's not much of a "perfectionist". i'm worst than him ;p
he knew js wanted to copy his work but still he lend it to him. just tat js disappointed him by not altering the things he copied and he didn't even bother to tell kt.

sue lin said...

Hey Soo Imm! Thanks for thanking me? Hahaha. It'd nice of u to drop a comment. And thanks for the link! =)

And i praised u cuz i mean it! Haha. I'll be sending u Friendster testimonial full of praise one day. Hehe

To everyone... i really wanna Blog summore, but i think it's too much to Blog more than 3 times a day. So i limit my Bloggings to two posts a day. Eeeee.... ok la, 3 times will be the maximum?