Saturday, May 28, 2005

"To everyone... i really wanna Blog summore, but i think it's too much to Blog more than 3 times a day. So i limit my Blogging to two posts a day. Eeeee.... ok la, 3 times will be the maximum?" This is what i wrote in my 'comments' part of the last post i wrote today.

Maybe i'll limit the words? To a thousand a day. U guys... as readers, please tell me what u think is best! I don't want to end up typing too much that u start skipping part of my posts...

Okay, so today'll be the last day i go limitless.

Hehe, so, was chatting with my friend... the one who comments as Supplementals. "dudette.. now im havin 2nd thoughts bout cuttin mine[hair] off. curses!!" he commented on one of my previous post.

(It's getting annoying and mafan(troublesome) writing 'my previous post' or refering to it by day/date. I'll start titling my posts too)

So, he said that and i read wrongly, it thought he wanted to cut his off cuz others are having the same style, that he wants to be unique. Today he said "Oi, now i wanna go do my hair. All ur fault."

And i was a bit confused. We chatted a bit and then i found out that he got a trim instead of cutting his hair short because of me! Oh my God, WOW. I smile, smile, smile. I had no idea that my post had that kinda effect! =)

Gotta thank E for allowing me to tie his hair up! =) It has made me so happy.

Ohh, and late comments i received: "ooo, and E's hair was so cool! you go girl!" SI said! =)

I'm so happy! I've always been into fashion... whether u observed that about me or not, i am. And i'm into trends. Always wanted to be the starter. Not like i've never done that before... in form 2 i cut my hair real short and within the next few months, lots of girls in school did the same. Haha. Actually, can't take credit for that, i think someone else cut her hair a while before me? But i WAS one of the first few.

Haha, ok ok, i also can't take credit for this trend. Since it isn't even a trend yet. But i want it to be one! Hahahaha. To kick-start it... if u are studying in Sunway/Monash, i'll do your hair for free. Just look me up.

Terms and conditions. (Hehe)
1. Promotion available from on 11am 10th June 2005 (thats when my exams end) until i decide to stop.
2. Free for the first time, and a small fee would be charged for the second time onwards (maybe).
3. Terms and conditions may change in response to demand. Hehe. But u will be updated here.


MaS said...

hahahaha .... isnt there another condition .... dat is the hair needs to be a certain length ... before it could be tied up ???? hahaha ... anywayz .... dun limit blogging ..... just blog wat u wanna say ..... cos .... sumdays ... there isnt a thing dat u can blog about .....

sue lin said...

Har... no la... i can Blog everyday if i had the time. I can Blog all day, everyday. If i had the time. Like i did today.

I think a limit would be good la... otherwise i'd Blog about stupid useless stuff.