Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hey hey. It's 1.40am so i'm not exceeding my Blogging limits.

And nope, i WASN'T studying until now. I was listening to my father and uncle talk. Whoa, information overload. My uncle is a good speaker, convincing and doesn't talk crap. Everything made sense and i didn't daydream or lose interest, except during family gossip.

It's like... a lecture, my uncle can really talk. He talked most of the time. And the way he talks, it doesn't offend anyone. He uses great metaphores for everyone he talks about, never mentions names. I feel so amazed. He talked in such a way that u can easily correctly guess who he's talking about. Haha, i'm glad to know that i've done the right thing by never mentioning a name in my Blog.

If i don't manage to guess what my uncle is talking about, my father would add a comment, which would help me guess. My uncle also says what he wants to say, doesn't hold back. I've learnt so much in the past few hours. Much more than what i would learn from studying.

It's like... i don't know, all my business subjects applied + moral + politics + gossip and there are so many medical terms... all rolled into one lecture money can't buy... a lecture with only 3 people, all in pajamas--two lecturers and one student. And my dog was present too. Hehe

And it's really nice that neither my father nor my uncle shooed me away with the excuse that i'm young. They welcome me into the discussion, answer some of my dumb questions and even direct some of the stuff they's saying to me. That's it, i officially admire this uncle.

One of the biggest lesson i learnt in this 'lecture' is "make mistakes, they're good". Seriously. Don't be afraid to speak up and put your ideas forward. If you're wrong, it's okay, at least (as clich├ęd as it may seen) u've tried your best and at least u've done your part, it's not your fault your ideas get rejected. From now on, i'm gonna speak up.

Ohhh... and i was fascinated to realize the amount of macroeconomic terms that were thrown about and used. And oh my God, i could understand them? All of them are stuff i learnt in Ausmat last year. Honestly speaking, i only got about 59% in my final marks. And that assisted me in figuring out what the hell they're talking about.

Ausmat is a really good choice. For me. It's good that i was practically FORCED to do Economics. And i thank K for introducing it to me. Also thank God i made the right choice. If i were in SAM, i'd never get the chance to do the subject combo i did last year-- Maths, Econs, Accounts, Biology and Chemistry.

Final thing i have to say: I've decided. I'm taking one major--accounting. And i'll try to take 3 minors. Variety is the key. I scored less than 60% in pre-university Economics and i can already understand men in their fifties business talk. Why would i want to learn something in shit detail then?

I'll have to talk to a councilor first, though.


MaS said...

u shud have taken a tape recorder if u had 1 n taped the conversation .... never let a good conversation go to waste ..... muahahaha ..... can sell the tape for sum money too ....hehehe

Joey said...

Yay! Another ex-Ausmatian who agrees that Ausmat wasn't a waste.

MaS said...

ausmat is the greatest experience i could have ever known in my entire life u know dat ... hahaha ... of course ... ausmat 2004 was the greatest .... yeah yeah

sue lin said...

Haha, =) Yeah, Ausmat was the best! Only thing that sucked was our Ausmat shirt. Haha