Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm writing cuz one of my close friend, J asked E if he knew why i haven't been blogging. Nice to know i've been missed =) And it's also nice to know another J reads my blog. =) Thanks!!

Yea, and it's pretty obvious that i don't write names in my blog, just the first initial of their names. It's my system, talked about it in one of my earliest post. And it's really surprising how many people had to point out the fact that there is a 'first real name ever mentioned' in my last post. Just slipped, i was typing really fast there, didn't bother to edit it, was under the influence of cough medicine, desperately wanted my bed.

By the way, it has been corrected. Hehe, doesn't matter if u know or don't know who i'm talking about, that's what makes it fun. Like, the next story i'm going to tell.

Don't count on me slipping again, at least not now, i'm not saying who this story concerns, not even initials.

Haha, so this happen to someone really close to me. So, he was doing God-knows-what with his girlfriend in his car in this somewhat secluded spot. And then another car drove nearby and parked. They didn't really bother much about that car, assuming that the owner lives around there and hoped that the owner would just carry on about his or her business.

Instead the driver of the other car came towards them!

Haha, his girlfriend was sitting on him and she hurriedly went off his lap and back onto the passenger seat. As the 'intruder' approached, he wound down the window to hear what the intruder has to say.

I think they did the right thing, u know, taking responsibility and not fleeing. Because what happens next is something we can all laugh about. Haha

So the guy said to them "Can u all park [the car] the other way around? So the smoke would blow there and not here"-he points to a row of houses, probably his house. And then left them!

Just like that, no lectures about how stupid youths can be, no threats, no police reports!

Haha. Aren't they lucky?

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MaS said...

hahaha ... wat a weird story .... but its a good 1 ....