Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Life's A Bitch... So Am I

Life's A Bitch

Life isn't fair. And i wanna complain about it. I just got back my marks for my Accounts Assignment. 23/30. And someone who hasn't got any Accounting background at all scored 24/30. Depressing cuz what i'm repeating what i've learnt in the past THREE years while this person just 'mastered' everything in the past three months? How would u feel if u were me? Yeah, it's just ONE mark, thanks a lot, very comforting. And that is exactly what that person said to me "one mark only". So much sympathy, from the person who makes a big fuss whenever others get 1% higher than him/her.

But that one mark... is a huge difference. I got a B while that person got an A.
Mine : 23/30 x 100% = 77% = B
The person's : 24/30 x 100% = 80%= A

but So Am I

Haha, J... Read the comment u posted in my Saturday, May 28, 2005 post! Haha, i think that's the ONLY hint u'll ever need to hit the nail on the head.

But don't ever tell her or i'd get a nail in MY head...

But... she's annoying! We had to take the stairs cuz we missed the lift today, and she started saying that she's feeling fat and needs the exercise. Right, she's the fattest person in the world. Come on! I gave her a pair of pants that's 2 sizes too small for me and even that is already loose for her.


soo imm said...

hey girl!
i totally understand how it feels.
i hate those who say "1 mark only ma"
if 1 mark means an A it's not just a mark.

hmmm, very interested in the girl u all gossiping about hehe. 8 la me XD
good luck in your exams next week! :)

Joey said...

haha...yeah, I agree with u. It can really get annoying at times esp when I'm fatter than her. Implying I'm a godzilla izzit? hahaha.....

MaS said...

like i've said .... n have always been saying ... she is a monster ....

sue lin said...


Thanks for understanding Soo Imm! Stupid tiny mark. Haha, if u see me around come and 8 la. Always welcome to 8. Thanks for wishing me luck. =)

Joey... haha, ya lor, we're Godzillas. Rahhhh, if she goes on arr... i'm gonna eat her!

Dog eat dog world, godzilla eat monster time coming soon. Akan datang.


No la, actually, i'm going to ignore her when she speaks of her favourite subject.