Saturday, May 21, 2005

Lesson Learnt: U Follow The Examples Your Parents Set

I guess it's cuz they are the people u see most when u were young and highly influenced...

Case one, a friend curses his father when he's mad at his Dad. I've always been like 'how can u call your father names?' Then recently he told me his mom curses his father in front of him. My mom never calls my father names, the most she'd say is "Your father la" or "So bad wan" and that's exactly all i say when i'm mad at them. I also tend to use the word "Unfair" a lot. Maybe sometimes i use 'stupid', but nothing worse than that kua.

Case two, my father looks and comments on the pix of sexy girls in front of my mom and us siblings. My mom has always been fine with that. And yea, i've learnt from her, took me a while but now it's just a normal thing for me to hear E tell me all about the 'view's he saw. It annoyed me last year when he posted 5 different pictures of him and 5 other girls onto Friendster, his arm on their shoulders. But yesterday, i gave him my camera cuz he didn't have one and said "Nah, go take pix of girls and post it" without any sarcasm. So don't be worried about me when u see those pix in his Blog.


meL.a.Nie said...

ada orang naik jealous..hehehehe..elwyn is a guy n u'll haf 2 accept dat him putting his arms on their shoulders while taking pics is normal..nvm,cheer up gal~!!

sue lin said...

haha =P
that's so not my intention of writing that post.
write more next time. sleepy