Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Class Cancelled and Shopping Advice for a Singaporean

Tossing and turning till after 3am, horrible dreams that woke me up with a jolt. Waking up late with thoughts of going back under my blanket and skipping class.

Yet i forced myself to get dressed and travel 20km, fighting the vicious Sunway toll jam. Got a cup of coffee.

Only to enter class and find that the lecturer is not there?? Please let her just be late.

But if she was just late, would i be blogging?? Sigh. No tutorials as well.

So i went over to the computer lab... Receieved this email.

i saw ur comment on xx's blog.. it was the post on kl..
can i find out some shoping places which u feel are betta n more wothy
of d time n $?
would appreciate ur reply..
thanks and cheers!!.. =)"

ASAP, I replied like this...

"Hey hey, wow, she accepted my comment?? =) It really depends on your taste...

If you're looking for botiques, price range around RM25 for spaghetti straps and about RM100 for dresses, Boho style tops for around RM50, there is is Jalan Telawi at Bangar and Uptown Damansara as well as Sri Hartamas. There are many night blubs there as well...

There is also this flea market thing on weekends at The Curve (nearby Uptown Damansara) and there is one in Mont Kiara (i'm not sure about it) but that's risky because u might not find stuff u like and they don't have many other good shops there.

If you're looking for Taiwan-style clothes and espadrilles like XX, Sungai Wang (Bukit Bintang) is a great place. Though some stuff IS ugly, the shop-lots in Petaling Street during the day do offer some good stuff.

Then there are always huge malls such as Midvalley and One Utama (very near Uptown Damansara) with many outlets like MNG, Vinci, Hang Ten, Elle, Guess, Calvin Klein, Padini, Body Glove, Roxy...

Then there are Isetans in Lot 10 (also in Bukit Bintang) and KLCC, but the Isetans here are very different from those in Singapore. During sales, Isetan is pretty decent.

Hope i helped. Any further question, don't hesitate to ask, i really hope u'll have a great time here if u do decide to come. =)

Sue Lin

Please please tell me i said the right stuff!! Anyone else have more tips for her?

Or should i just forget all about my studies, fail everything, hunt down the whole KL for specific bargains and become some tour agent via blogging with posts of good bargains with photos and honesty???

Note: The tips above is all MY opinion, from my experiences as a consumer and a self-proclaimed shopaholic.

Note #2: Shit, i made a grammar error... =P Any further questionS.

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Joey said...

Hehe...I don't mean to be picking on the nitty gritty, but since u said so urself in "Note 2"...u haf a few other sp mistakes, too. Typed too fast? hehe...

Anywayz, ur advice to her was pretty good. Tat's bout it la. Wonder if she'd come

Jazzy*Pam said...

Well, u have indeed given her some pretty good advices. But i wouldn't mind a blog entry on the whole shopping scene in Kl though, lols! With pictures and all! :P

*momo.berry said...

i would most defintely rate One Utama and Mid Valley as must-go places to shop in kl! great advice there.

sue lin said...

Thank god, thank god! I was afraid i gave sucky advice. Thanks guys!

Haha, Joey, u're right! Didn't realize it, damn! No wonder 'boutique' looked funny... and blubs?? Hahaha. Clubs! OOOPS.

Cher, haha, i wouldn't mind too!! But no time la. Just do so whenever i can.

Miss KM, i love those places too! =) Thank u for dropping a comment

soo imm said...

great advice there :) useful for me oso hehe.

sue lin said...

Wow, didn't expect that, Soo Imm! =) Thanks!

Feeling very motivated and happy. Cher, u might just get your blog entry on the whole shopping scene in KL. Maybe when my 2 week holiday comes, i'll spend a day or two working on it! =)