Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Summer School 2005/2006 Part 6

It's not that i love to sleep late, it's not that i love to do my work at the very very last minute. Aka starting to do the work after the 11th hour. At night.

But if i don't feel the stress or any urgency, i tend to REALLY slack. I slept for 12 hours last night cuz i knew today's a public holiday.

So anyway, nothing interesting in my life at all. Just studies, studies, studies. Next week's gonna be tough, i've struck a jackpot.

Jackot of assignments la. Everyday something's due. First Consumer Behaviour Quiz (5%), then Company Presentation presentation (3%) the next day, then Consumer Behaviour group report (20%) on Wednesday and then Company Presentation assignment 2 (15%) on Thursday.

And then on Monday i'll have an individual Consumer Behaviour presentation(15%). But it might be brought forawrd! Urrg. Isn't life beautiful??

So won't be blogging lar for a while. Nothing interesting to blog about anyway. Like if i were to blog now i'd blog about the Consumer Behaviour group presentation yesterday. It was great, 4/5! Yay.

Our group's topic is on Fitness First and it just so happen that our group members all dressed casually to sportily, 2 of us in black t-shirts and 2 of us in white t-shirts. Looks good, u know!

And our group consist of 2 girls and 2 guys. So u have one girl in black shirt, one guy in black shirt and one girl in white shirt, one guy in white shirt. Funny man, it's just a coincidene.

Another group did a presentation on KFC. And right after class, my group mates and i felt like eating KFC! Funny...

Oh, if u happen to come across any e-articles on the fitness industry, do save it for me and send it to bay_bee_tea@yahoo.com ok? Thank u sooo much! Or if u see anything in a newspaper, tell me what page and what date.

Not a very interesting post, right? Hopefully once Friday is over, i'll have something good to write about. With lots of pictures. If the plan goes well. Wish me luck.

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She's Jess said...

Wow... busy busy,..

sue lin said...

Yeah... now i'm dead, the new post took up so much time