Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hey, let me complain a bit.

I HATE the subject Managing People and Organisations, MGW1010!!!!!!! It's horrible!!! Stupid argumentative essay dued on Friday and i haven't wrote a thing. So many stupid stuff to read before writing. And there's all the crap referencing, why must we follow the Havard method or the whatever method? As long as u give credits it should be enough la, stupid methods, go to hell. And u know, i killed a lot of trees printing all the stupid journals for the assignment. And i had 2 read all the crap in the journals.

I read 12 stupid pages that were totally useless yesterday. It wasn't easy finding that 12 pages, i thought it'd be useful, stupid misleading announcement, told me that the journal would be useful. I was so happy i found it and it turned out completely useless.

I also HATE using the computer and the internet for studies, it's supposed 2 be for fun. To me. And it hates me too, u know??? The IT help desk in Monash are probably sick of me, i keep on seeing them. I have no choice. First they gave me a wrong username, misspelled my surname. Then they denied me access to the WebCT (a website we use to gain information in our subjects). Then when i'm finally able to use the WebCT, they only showed three of my subjects andnot four. Dumb.

Ok, enough, i've gotta stare at papers


Joey said...

Hey, chill,gal! Relax.
I miss ur sister. hehe

supplementals said...

ahaha... monashs IT depts just as incompetent as every other college after all

sue lin said...

Joey arr, u miss my sister and not me ar?? so breatbroken =) haha

No comments about the IT department... but maybe i should sue them for wasting my time