Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wow i'm tired. But i just wanna blog, just have to. I'm sooo happy.

It's 17 March, my birthday, hehehehe. There was nothing specially organised for me on my birthday eve or my birthday day unlike someone who is a day younger than me and the plan for the day after my birthday got canceled but i'm still damn happy.

Haha, a bunch of us(P, W, J, C, me, E and A) went to watch a Philippine movie, Feng Shui it was all in Tagalog but the quality was good: it wasn't a dark and gloomy film but it was scary. Gotta admit i did scream but guess no one noticed. I did laugh a lot too. C and i laughed so much at a particular scene. The subtitles were clear and the storyline isn't too far fetched, it's believable. Ending isn't that good, but nowadays most directors overdo the ending so it is easily forgiven.

So, the movie was good. And we talked before the movie... we talked after the movie and during the movie. Hehe. One reason why i'm so happy is that i never really talked to this bunch of people last year, although we were in Ausmat together(C and E excluded). I just feel so happy that i'm able get along with them, laugh, joke whatever.

I didn't make many friends in my faculty and i know enough new faces to smile wave and chat with. Of course, i have friends to sit next to in class... but well... the number of people to sit next to isn't increasing.

What i've done mainly is get closer to those ex-Ausmats, which is great!

Another thing that made me really happy is E. He surprised me with a crazy gift. If i have time to spare i'd take pictures of it for ya ok? Until then I'll leave u guessing what it is. We had a good dinner too, hehe, i got to eat red meat, covered in cheese, baked with rice. Yum! =)

And then he sent me home, got home before 11. Erm... HOME, not the hostel. My mom's sister and her family came... and i had a chat with my parents about uni life. They miss me! One of my parents, dun remember which one, felt as if i've been gone for a week... when i've only been gone for 2 nights! =) I also got to hug and SQUEEEEEEEZE my lil' sister!

What else did i do, chat with my Phillipino maid... about the movie mainly. Wow, it's good to be home! Hahaha and i've only been gone for 2 nights.

One other thing i appreciate is the shower, i don't have to pick up the hair i drop. Hehehe, i get to just leave it there and not bother about offending the housemates or flooding the place. And there's milk in the fridge! And a microwave... wow, civilization! A rare opportunity to drink warm milk at 12.30am =)

Haha... I have a lot of positive feelings tonight. All the things i'm proud of just come to mind. I'm happy being me now. Don't get me wrong, i still remember that i'm stressed and i'm gonna suffer tomorrow morning... but i'm just so happy la.

Oh Oh! One more thing i'm proud of... i ate a cricket! Yea, the insect. Cricket. Did i get the spelling right? Yay! I ate an insect. It was cooked. And it was covered in overflowing chocolate. It tasted like chocolate wafer. I'd go get another one today! You should go too. The Monash Biotech club booth in Sunway University College. I joined the club although i'm a business student. You should too! Haha, free publicity for them just cuz they fed me a bug.

Oh yea, did i tell u that i'm gonna double major in accounting and marketing and get a minor in writing? Change of plans. I'm only gonna do a single major which is probably marketing and the minor. Because if i double major i'd have to take 3 extra units(subjects) during summer. And my father would have to pay about RM9000.00 for it, tuition fees alone. U know, uni life isn't a piece of cake, and like C and i agreed the other day... we're paying so much just to go through hell.

So i'd just go through basic hell la. I mean, i'd just get a basic degree la. With no double majors. No need to pay for additional suffering la.

I could just write and write and write here but i'd better stop soon. There is a lot of work i haven't done and i sooo want to do well. I've seen fourth year students and i've spoken to some of them. It's stupid to be unable to graduate just cuz u failed one stupid subject. I dun wanna be like them, so... sigh... a nerd i'll be. And i'd have to practice assertive skills, which is saying no to your friends.

Shit, it's gonna be tough.

But i'm still happy. Hahahahaha, maybe the tea i drank was good. Or was it the cricket?

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