Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hey... So my baby car is alright now... thanks to someone i now owe a short testimonial to.

And the orientation party or whatever it's called for us Monash students was great! Food wasn't too delicious but performances were entertaining. The games they had were funny... yours sincerely here was called up 2 play the darn games cuz she and her friends were sitting near the stage, it was embarassing but funny la. Luckily i wasn't alone.

Then they open the dance floor... we didnt stay inside for long, soon our ex-Ausmat group were out in the playground... just chatting and playing... =) After that we went for some mamak

Today... wasn't good la. Had to read the unit outline for my business statistics... and it's horrible la... it's picking on me! They expect us to do so much stuff by the end of this week... and yeah, i haven't done it.

So... i'd better go.

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