Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hey Blog... i haven't been updating u recently cuz i've been busy. Classes started on Monday. Monday's classes were great and we got to get our free Monash University t-shirts! I wanted the black one but they only had size 'm'... which was huge, how huge? Even a guy fren said it was too big.

Then without my father's knowledge i switched from apartment hostel to condo hostel. I was happy i managed to do that until i actually had to tell him. It was terrible telling him la, he was like "...ok lor..." and he sounded so stressed out. My tuition fees itself isnt cheap. So far i have not found any other university that charges more than Monash.

Actually it was my father's idea, sending me 2 Monash. I just went along with it cuz i trust my father's judgment, i had the scores to enter and i was way too lazy to look for a university to go to. Besides, Monash is adjoined to Sunway College, so i'm familiar with the area.

But still... it's my education... n i get the pressure to do well... after all, my father wanted me 2 go there because it's prestigious and i'm better off with a degree from Monash. It's still for me

That's the education, i don't NEED a place at the hostel. Yet i'm going there for a short while for the experience. And it isn't a cheap experience. Tomorrow night i'd be sleeping there, definitely can't blog.

Oh oh, good news, my parents miss me already! Haha.

Hahaha... whether they miss me or not i'm gonna try staying there for all weekdays. Cuz i feel guilty about the rental. And my father did say "see whether u can survive"

Yesterday i went to look at the room with a friend, the place is much much better than the apartments and i was happy. But packing.... made me skeptical about moving and surviving yesterday, reluctant to leave home in the end, and this morning i was regretting the decision of moving. Could have cried.

But well.. it wasn't so bad when i got there, i had my darling there 2 help me out, in fact he drove me and my stuff there and put on the bedsheet 4 me, hehehe.

My roomate... she's not too warm... but maybe she's just shy, u know, meeting someone for the first time? It's not like i said more than hie with a smile to the other housemates. Must improve my social skills tomorrow. So, my roomate's mom was there today. And her mom was really friendly... actually all parents would talk to their kid's roommate.

From what i can conclude, the girl's mom is gonna be there everyday! I thought her mom was there yesterday cuz she just moved in. But today i found out that they, i mean she moved in last year! Err... all i can say is i'm sure my roomie does extremely well in her exams

Scary... but good in a way. My mom can't keep an eye on me but the presence of someone ekse's mom around will... err... force me 2 behave and tidy up. Not to mention STUDY

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