Sunday, March 27, 2005

Oh my God, u know what? I have holidays this week, from tomorrow till Friday and i actually forgot about it? You know why? Cuz i have lots of work to do: catching up on the reading i ignored to do because of the assignment for management and reading ahead on everything.

Ya, u heard me, reading ahead, i want to. Hope i can, cuz the semesters at Monash are real short, 13 weeks only. Have to cram everything. 9 assignments in 13 weeks. Now it's week 4-5 and i've only handed out ONE assignment. 8 more to go u know? Plus study for the final exams too?

All the sacrifices we have to go through these days to get a stupid degree. The other day, Wednesday the 23rd March a group of friends went to watch the movie Hitch and celebrate the birthday of the one who is one day younger than me. I really really really wanted to go! But i didnt. Couldn't. Had to do that management assignment.

In a way i'm proud of myself being able to say "no, can't go". Last year i always felt like shit when i did. This time i didn't feel so bad. I guess it's thanks to this workshop they had for us during Monash orientation week, about assertive skills. Where they tell u how 2 say "no" and state ur feelings. Good workshop to me. C, K, R and W skipped it, but guess the don't need it, C and K are aggresive people! Haha

The weekdays in uni was tough this week, but the weekend after it all ended was great. =)

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