Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wah i'm damn happy again u know. I was just reading J's blog and the first thing i saw was her wish to me!!! =) And she says that i have a positive effect on her!!!!! =)

While i was reading that M smsed me to wish me a happy birthday!!! =) And she told me that there is something on her blog for me!!! Wow, i'm just so touched and thrilled, although i haven't read it yet =)

Oh and i didn't eat any more crickets today, didn't have the time la, had to eat a proper lunch (chicken noodles if your wondering) before rushing to class today.

In between my classes i recieved a very surprising and delightful sms. S and another friend, J were in the Sunway college cafeteria!!!! They came to see me!!! They had some LAN stuff to take care off and they are attending Christian Fellowship, but they could have came next week or last week or any other one of the 52 weeks in the year but they chose today!!!! =)

And then halfway through typing this, i went to get my thumb drive (i always save whatever i write on my blog) and on the way to my bag (i'm the the computer lab in college by the way, with E by my side, hehe). So, so, i was on the way to get my thumb drive and i saw this girl i knew from camp more than a year ago. She studies here and i've seen her around a few times last year, but she didnt seem to remember me so i never said hie to her then. But today! U know the good good mood i'm in now? So i called her name and said hie! And she does remember me!!!!

Okay that is nothing to be happy about to most of u people, but i dun care, i'm happy.

Wait, this is not right, i had a lot more happy thoughts i wanted to write about but i guess i forgot what they are. So i'm gonna read M's blog now and then i'd probably blog again later?

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