Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hey, i just realized that i admitted that i'm not the sociable kind. Well, i'm not. Though i really really wish i was sociable by nature. So, i'm not but it can be acquired... Right?

So for now i'm trying to live by three rules.
1. SmiLe! It's the best icebreaker. And it keeps the smallest friendships waRm
2. Say whatever's on my mind. To make conversation... just don't offend anyone
3. Forgive myself if i ever do anything wrong. Eg. not smile, not say what's on my mind and forget people's name. It's common to forget names, just apologise and ask again.

Forgiving myself is important. Cuz when i forgive myself i feel better. In the past i used to bash myself up mentally, by thinking negatively. It's not good. I was too hard on myself... since, once the negative thoughts are in, i'd feel useless. So nowadays i've learned to forgive myself.

Oh and u know what non-studies reading material i'm bringing to the hostel? It's a self help book entitled Being a Happy Teenager.

Erm... actually i'd rather bring some magazines or my Gossip Girl novel. But... when u've got a hardworking gurl as ur roomie... it affects u. Even after only meeting her once. For like, an hour.

So... it's the only 'acceptable' book i can think of to bring... at least it's not boring. And it'd help me.


supplementals said...

hey, heres an idea, y dont u start affecting her by slacking soo much she'll have to lay of her books for a while... at least >:D

sue lin said...

Hey... i didn't read that till NOW! Hahaha. No lar, she affected me more than i affected her man! It was good, never studied so much!