Monday, March 21, 2005

Hey hey, i'm in a good mood, sorta hyper... that's what we ex-Ausmats to call this feeling i'm feeling. But it's already wearing out...

In case i don't have time to write as long as i usually do, the rest of my birthday was extremely great. Simple, not extravagant but still great. More than i expected.

And there were many birthday testimonials on Friendster for me. Didn't know about them until today. They were sweet and replying them was so much fun. That's what threw me into another phase of good mood. So good that i posted a bulletin, wonder if it turns out. The mails i receive were great too, really want to reply but my assignments are screaming at me!

Gotta go before they wake my sister up. She has school tomorrow, such a cute girl she is... standard one. Love her lots.

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