Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bye Lab Coat

Reading a friend's blog, her 22nd February post inspired me to write what i'm writing now.

She said she's rubbish at throwing things, well then, I must be trash at thrashing things.

I've been clearing up my room for 3 months ongoing now and I'm still not done. Truth is that is what I'm supposed 2 b doing right now. I keep a lot of things because I'm attached to them, for memory's sake just like this particular friend.

There are many old clothes in my cupboard, way back from my childhood days, can't chuck them cuz they contain memories. And then there are jeans I don't want? but I can't give a pair of Levi's away, I just can't. It's a pair of Levi's. I wish I could sell it. But how can I find a buyer?

So in the end the only item of clothing I let go off was my lab coat. Let's face, I don't need it. But I was sooo sad to see it go. It reminds me of the fun I had in the labs? I once mixed something that bubbled out of the test tube and onto the floor, just like a volcano...

And the coat was so soft and comfortable?

I didn't have a choice, the lab coat could be sold. And I did sell it. For RM42. The same price I bought it for. Good, huh?

But I wish I still had it. All I have left of it is a photo.

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