Sunday, July 16, 2006


I studied for International Business, i attended all lectures. A friend didn't attend. He studied last minute.

And i got a stupid irritating low credit while he got a distinction???!!! And not only in international business but in international marketing as well?!!!!!


Another friend, same story. A GUY friend. I studied really hard and i scored really well in the assignments of MGW1010 Managing People and Organizations. He just crapped and got a distinction.

I got a fucking low credit!!!!!

What is wrong with these stupid management/marketing subjects ar???

No, i am not saying they should get lower grades. I am just saying i should get DISTINCTIONS too!!!!!!

Shit lar. Moral of the story: don't study?

Tell me how to not study? I can't don't study. I can't. I'm a GIRL.

Thats really it! Never gonna take another of these stupid subjective subjects. Interesting yes. But it does me no good in my record.

And why is it that GUYS are always lucky? Why?

My mother said that she'd chop off her head if my BROTHER got 7As for PMR. He played computer everyday that year and went for very little tuition. He got 7As.

Mom didn't chop of her head of course. But u see, why are guys so lucky????????

Why can't i be lucky too??????????? Why?

Ok, now gonna Blog about me. It's gonna be uninteresting so, u can leave this blog now.

I've been analysing the way i studied last year. I mean last sem. Was glad when i remembered messaging J (sorry about the clashes in initials) (Eh, what 4 i say sorry, ur not supposed to read this, its for me).

So was glad recalling the hour after my first tutorial of AFW2631 Financial Management. I was happy, the subject interested me. It was tough but i loved it, its just like add maths. I smsed J just to express. And she encouraged me.

The passion for the subject faded a bit in weeks four and five, i remember HL and i doodling all over the notes and not paying attention.

I vowed to catch up during the midterm hols. But slacked too much, even argued with E because i'm shit lazy and only started working hard a day before the additional lecture our lecturer gave us.

Thankfully, after the holidays there was two more WHOLE weeks for me to prepare for the test. I covered all lecture material. =) I understood Beta, capital budgeting and CAP-M (which i refer to as CrAP-M)! Hahahaha.

Scored 75% or something like that for the test. =)

In the final additional lecture before the test... i was so blur! While everyone else seemed to have done the past years! I've barely touched it!

I was reading through the lecture material a second time! Hahaha. Did the past years only a day before the paper. Did section A for all past years first.

When i was done only did i start secotion B. Biiiiiggggg mistake starting with 2004 Sem 2 paper. It was sooooo soooo hard. It made me panic!!!! I was so certain i was gonna fail. I was thinking of ways to play sick... and take the deferred paper.

Calmed myself down and forced myself to do more past years. Couldn't finish it all. Went to sleep at around 2am. I thought i was fucked cuz it's a calculation paper and its at 8.30am

Found out that my friend slept at 4am and another slept for only one hour. I regretted my 4hours of sleep.

Paper turned out to be not as bad as i thought. A lot from past year. And yay, i'm familiar with the calculations! =) Could do it. Finished it.

And happy that two of my study partners Mr Laptop and Ms Monkey God did well too... hahaha, what weird names for them. One of them always has a laptop. And the other always calls me monkey n when i sms her to complain, i begin the message with "Oh my god!!!!" and she would always reply as if she is God.

AFWE2020 Cost Info for Decision Making... this one... i remember sitting in lecture, hating the lecturer... haha! Hate him hate him hate him.

But he has to become my bestfriend this semester. Damn it. Cuz no one i know is gonna take Auditing with me. The only one i can turn to is the lecturer, who is also the tutor. Sighhhhh.

Oh well, we all know he tends to favour the girl who sees him a lot during consultation. Gonna hve to be like her.

So anyway, Cost Info... the only preparation i did that i'm REALLY proud of is i did two of the past year papers really early. And handed it out to the tutor to mark! Wahahahaha, did i actually do that???

Yeah i did cuz Ms Monkey God did her part and i felt pressured to do mine. Our deal was she do two years paper and i do the other two. And we hand em out. I can do her two papers later and check my answers with her marked ones and vice versa.

We make a good team. She studies. And i feel bad for not studying. So i study too. And then i did slightly better than her in a test and a couple of assignments. So she got scared and studied more. And then when i see her study, i get scared and study too. Vicious circle

In the end we both did well in the two subjects! =) Taking 3 same subjects this semester. Hope to do well again. We are good for each other. =P

Too bad i'd be going to Aust and she won't be going to Aust next year.

So anyway, tutor told the whole class "None of u did the past years, only she did" and points at me... i pretend to not know anything and... pretended its not me. Damn malu ok? Haha

And i religiuosly printed all tutorial answers and read them ALL! Including the theory. Hahaha, did i actually do that? How did i manage? Hmm... oh yeah... i spent a lot of time reading it, understanding it... Read some of them twice even! Completed it all the night before the paper.

Did all remaining past year papers in the morning before the 1.30pm paper. How da hell did it do it? With good results in my hands now i guess i can safely say that the subject n its past years weren't that hard. Both Mr Laptop n Ms Monkey God did well too.

Sad about MGW2351 International Business. I read every set lecture notes before each lectures! I read the textbook! I... I... =(

I had fun with Assignment Two. DL and DL were great. We worked hard for the assignment. DL told me that it didn't matter if we didn't include any theory. His friend didn't include theory in the first assignment and scored 75%.

I told him... maybe if we put the theory in we could get 85%?

He said it makes sense and was very confident we'd get 85%

The results is ew got 90%!!!

Too bad my final grade sucks. Even with assignments that great.

Oh well... i can only strive to do better for the upcoming semester. Aiming for three High Distinctions and one high credit or better.

Hopefully after my first lecture, my targets won't change. Gonna go to bed now. Sucky 9am class tomorrow.


typlotion said...

lolz, grade in uni doesn't determine by how much hardwork u put in haha

sue lin said...

Ya lar!!!!

supplementals said...

hmm.. dont think its limited to just guys. think these ppl just have better comprehension skills and err.. a higher iq?

sue lin said...

So u saying i have lower iq skills?? Haha

supplementals said...


but ur not alone eh

sue lin said...

Hahaha. So i'm one of the millions of low iq people out there la?

typlotion said...

people already giving hints liao lor, still want people say directly and clearly dat u have low iq lolz

sue lin said...

Shut up la Typlotion! Haha, u very smart la, Melbourne U la. No need to show off! =P Hahaha