Saturday, July 22, 2006

Making 'Love' on the Bus

Getting on a bus is like getting on memory lane. For me.

Used to take bus all the time for the last three years of my schooling life. Pretty much the same route. For Metro bus la. Reminds me of the times i went for tuition with a bunch of school mates in Pudu.

Going pass Pudu, under the really old creaky entirely-made-out-of-metal overhead bridge, watching Mon Kee confectionary as the bus i'm in go by... seeing the Dynamic bookshop, they had better discounts than Popular bookshop! Haha. Past all the hawkers i ate in, past the shoplot that used to be a mamak that served maggie goreng with extra fat n juicy tau-geh (bean sprout)! Miss all that so much.

I couldn't wait to be out of school then. Now that it is all over, i miss it so much.

Looked at the bus ticket in my hand, i remembered folding it into little hearts. Ever heard of that joke? People folding bus tickets into hearts and someone else asking them "Can you teach me to make 'love' on the bus?"

Wondered if i could i still do it =P

Started to fold the ticket... recalling the time KG taught me how to make love on the bus! Hahahaha.

She told me that if your ticket number adds up to 21 or has three 8s in it, u get to make a wish.

She was also the one who taught me how to take the bus. I knew all the buses that went to my area. Used to be IntraKota #61, 62, 56, 32, 122 and Cityliner 583, 848 and 888.

So many buses used to go to my area. I never had to wait for buses for long.

Until now! Only 61, 62 and 56 remain, these routes taken over by Metrobus. Its bearable lar.

Unlike Rapid KL. Man i HATE this new bus system! Anyone know where i can complain as a very unsatisfied customer?

First time taking Rapid KL today. Goodness!!! Must take 2 buses! Cheat me somemore! They RM2 for the whole day. So yeah, ok, i'll pay RM2 and change bus in Maluri, no problem. Shouldn't have to pay again right?

Wrong!!! See that "Bandar"?????

So big right? It means RM2 for the city center ONLY! Bandar means city in Malay by the way. So, when i changed bus, i had to pay another RM1!!!
Tempatan is... district? Local? Don't know the direct translation.

=( Fine. I paid. Only to discover that the bus went ONE BIG ROUND to get to my stop! Arrrgghhhh!!! But the bus driver is quite nice la, sat the seat behind him n asked tonnes of questions. Also voiced out some of my disatisfaction. Thanked him as i left the bus, its not his fault the company he works for is so mean.

No wonder these buses are always almost empty.

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supplementals said...

god i hate busses... intrakota, rapid kl, they're all the same. cept maybe triton. pay more for working air conds.

sue lin said...

Haha... i'm ok with them if they are punctual. Never taken Triton b4... All buses have working aircond what...

Anonymous said...