Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Private Universities

Don't feel like a person who is going to score High Distinctions. I was 40mins late for my 9am Company Law yesterday morning.

Was late for my 8am Auditing n Assurance class today. And i was cutting the damaged tips of my hair in Performance Measurement and Control.

But at least i didn't fall asleep in class =P

Stupid lar, have to buy 2 books for 3 subjects this semester. And a stupid software, RM225!!! Each book costs above RM50. Well above RM50. And its super hard to get second hand. I just lost a good deal cuz i hesitated.

I can't stare at notice boards to get more second hand books cuz i won't be in university till next week. Bad idea deciding to work. Greed gets u no where. I may be getting a reasonably good pay at work, but i'm losing out on cheaper books.

And i am gonna have a problem paying my stupid fees. If i don't pay by Friday, i'll be fined RM100. Forgot to pay today, damn, so either i RUSH there in the morning one of these days or i get my friend to pay for me.

Hope things settle down soon.

I haven't been making full use of my Fitness First. Two of my girl friends said i lost weight though!!! =) And the guy friend who implied i had a beer belly said i lost weight too! =)

Feel bad about making one of the girlfriend feel pressured to be thinner... she's going to eat less, she doesnt eat much in the first place... she's totally NOT fat! Aiyoh, why didn't her mom let her join Fitness First with me??? The modern world really sucks, every girl, no matter how skinny she is, feels destructively fat at one time or another. Even a few of my guy friends seem to be on a diet...

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