Saturday, July 15, 2006

Work Work Work! Vote Vote Vote!

The finals for the Hair MANia Hunt is today! If u haven't voted, vote for Nor Elwyn! If u have more than one email address, and if u have time, vote somemore!

The finals is at 7pm, at The Curve. Or something like that! Haha, sorry, not very sure! E's bestfriend is chauffeuring him, me and my cousin there in his newly modified car! Haha. Thanks, S.

Oh, i'm so worn out after 5 days of work. Stayed till 8pm when i could have gone home at 7pm everyday. Greedy lar, want more pay.

Except the first day. The first day was tough, bored and wondering why the hell they wanna pay me to copy stuff from paper onto the computer... i mean, on paper, the data looks as if its printed from an Excel file. Why can't they just duplicate the file instead of having me manually duplicate it for them?

Kept thinking of Redang on my first day. Cuz it was exactly one week since the Redang trip. Now i know what Monday Blues feels like.

Only lunch was great. J and i went out to eat. =)

Tuesday was better... J made me a milkshake and i LOVED it! Haha, the shake put me in a good mood.

Decided to rest my eyes every few minutes by looking away from the screen... focusing on farway objects... like the Abba files on the shelf. And the poster that says Company Vission, Mission and Values. It helps a lot, eyes dun hurt as bad as my telemarketing job.

Wednesday, i took half day off to go for my dental appointment and Fitness First =P Bodypump isn't so hellish now. Love it. Happy when the instructor said that it burns a lot of calories and fats. =P

Time passed by quickly at work. I not only had to do data entry but i had to check every single figure for the month of May... i'm in the Finance department... sorta like doing accounting... the donkey part of the accounting job. Not to mention, i had to sort out the documents! They come in hundreds!

Thursday was cool. the last hour was a breeze. Went to pee at 7pm. Then J was making milkshake for like, everyone in the company! Haha. So i helped her la, poor girl. Haha. 12 cups! Waste time scooping powder into the blender. Nice! And chat with people who were done with the shake and were washing their cups. After that, just had to work a bit more and i'm done 4 the day! Hahahah

Went shopping with bestfriend, she has been complaining that i haven't been spending wnough time with her. Bought this pair of red heels from a new local brand Zuc in Lot Ten.

Wanna post a pic of it but i have no time. Too much to write. Forgive any spelling mistakes and gramatical errors. Got a wedding to attend tomorrow (Saturday) morning. And the Hair Mania Thing at night. Wanna squeeze in an hour of Bodypump and some gym in the afternoon.


Er... what else? Friday. I'm not exactly very sociable lar... usually if people talk to me first, then i have no problem continueing the conversation. So if its like at the pantry i'm alright. But in the Marketing/Finance department... i can't really talk to the other employees. They're all full timers. I dun feel comfortable butting into their group conversations... Not so bad one on one. The other part timers are in the distribution department so i hardly see them...

Plus I can't speak Cantonese, so usually when a conversation is going on in Cantonese, i tend to daydream... when i realize i drifted away and tuned into the conversation again, i'm already lost. Whatmore i can only understand half the dialect. Normally i dun get the joke and just smile while others laugh, and then slowly guess whats going on.

I know its a weakness to not know Cantonese. But i'm just toooooo damned lazy to learn.

So far just been picking up bad words from E... ahahaha! He goes CB this CB that, LC this LC that. =P Some of the cuss words he uses are also from Hokkien... not sure which is which

Surprised and glad when J's friend JS called me to go for lunch with him and K. =)

Met up with E after work, he picked me up from the bus stop to just hang out n chill...

The bus. That's one long post on its own. Next week if i have time! Starting a new semester on Monday, while still working. Can't make it to the first cheerleading meeting cuz i have to work. =(

Just realized that because i took summer school, i'm actually, partly, entering my third year of university life based on the number of subjects! Like shit!


sakurablossom said...

Wah... jealous can have milkshake. I want some :). It looks like you have been working really hard. Gambate!!!

sue lin said...

Hahaha, come la, we give u some! =)
Working hard cuz i want money! Hahaha