Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Erm... usually i try not to blog about sad stuff. No one needs to read that. Unless i've learnt a lesson and want everyone to know what i've learnt. Besides, no point thinking of the sad stuff lar, and if i write about it i'll have to think of it right???

So... i've just been thought a crying phase and now i've stopped and i'll blog about dancing.

Yeah, first, bad news. Don't think it'll affect u but there is no more belly dancing in Monash =( The teacher changed her classs to line dancing. =( She says it's very fun... but so common la. Belly dancing sounds more unique right? Althought it was mostly normal dance... with a little of the Indian movements... more hip movement...

Should have taken the phone number of the people in charge of kickboxing. Now got time 2 join. But too damn bad i dun see their notice anywhere d, no way knowing when/where the class is. Maybe next sem? Hopefully next sem.

So for now... after this miserably short one week holidays, there's 3 more weeks left in the semester, damn fast. I'll be joining basketball. Ya, laugh lar. Admit, i dunno shit. But two of my close and really nice friends M and P are basketball players and they won't be around next semester (They're transfering to Aust). So might as well learn fr them 1st lar.

Oops, this post is supposed to be about dancing but i seemed to have ran outta topic. And i'm going to go out of topic a bit more first before i get back to the main topic. Hehe, u know normal people type either with two hands or one finger?? My style is different, i type with one hand, my left hand only, use all the fingers of my left hand except my little finger. Right hand is on the mouse. I can type that way kinda fast lar, but have to look at the keyboard one... if i dun look i tend to make mistakes here and there. That's where my right hand on the mouse comes in handy, to go to the mistake fast and to delete it??

Crap right me? When, yea... i'm supposed to be doing my 2nd accounting assignment, the second last one i have. I'm so dead. Okay, so dancing...

On Monday morning, were discussing Malaysian Idol. They said sth about Daniel winning cuz he has no talent. All he does well is dance they say... don't ask me, i've never watched an episode of MI2... I'm not supporting him or anything but i think being able to dance is talent.

I find it hard to dance well.

Thank god in this modern world simply moving about is called dancing. But still, even so there is good and bad simply moving about. My friend T seems to be attracting guys at the club the other day... i guess the only thing i'll attract are flies... cuz i stink??? Guess i'm lucky there are no flies at 2am that night... also lucky there are no flies in all the places i go to to join dancing...

Because despite the fact that i stink at dancing, i enjoy it. It's really fun to listen to the music and move to the beat... if i actually do that. It feels like i am moving to the beat and i just really hope i do.

My mom gave me this 2-week membership thing at a fitness centre and they offer dance classes. They have Bollywood dance and Fushion dance. What the hell is fushion dance? Dunno but i just went for it since the time suited me.

Turned out to be Indian dance... which was seriously fun. Hehe, jump about a lot, run here run there and u know... really like the stuff in the movies. Hindi movies. With the head movement and the shoulders, knees and the running and all. It was fun! And sooooo tiring.

The teacher was a guy (students were all female) and he didn't look sissy doing the dance, instead he looked like those Bollywood actors.

To me, dancing is really fun... i'm so glad i can quite easily get over the self-consciousness feeling nowadays. I just dance for fun. And to burn stupid calories la, since i dun wanna diet ok?


Jazzy*Pam said...

Lols, dancing IS fun! :D I bet I can really dance to, but lols, like you said, it's for fun! :D

And oh, btw, Daniel CAN'T dance, really. He's an ordinary singer whose "cute" face captured the hearts of many girls. He can sing but he's NOT a great singer with powerful vocal. AND, he really can't dance!

He shouldn't win, but then again I'm not psyched bout Nita (the other Top 2 finalist) too, so i dun really care.

I want Farah to win but she got booted out in the Top 3 round. :(

sue lin said...

Hey Cher. =)

Ohhh, thanks for the info, like i said i dunno much. I recently read another blog that said Nita and Daniel are great entertainers and are intimate with the audience though they can't sing...

Haha, seems like so many people didn't want him to win, then why did he arr??? Hmm... rich young girls vote like dunno what??

So Farah's great?? Kesihan...

Jazzy*Pam said...

well, I didn't want him to win, but it seems many other girls want him too, lols. i heard there's this girl who spends rm350 a week voting for him! crazy man!

sue lin said...

Whoa! That's like... 700 votes a week... how long did the thing last? She's plain stupid