Thursday, September 15, 2005

Taste of Culture

Look at that!!! =) Stomp tix!!! My mom won them and i just got back from watching it with E!! =)

It was so much fun! From getting to dress up (hehehe) right to the end. I bought this white knitted top for RM25 from a Thai flea market thing near my orthodontist that is sort of formal early this year and never got a chance to wear it till tonight. =)

I expected we won tickets for the cheapest tix, 2nd floor balcony, where all the actors look like little puppets, i know because of the past shows i went to: Fame, Chang n Eng and The Merchant of Venice.

But our tickets today, was for the stall, i had no idea what stall was. E asked them and they said it's on the ground floor! Yay, that's the best, don't care if i had to sit right at the back, at row Z, it's still good. But guess what, our seats are on row N, yay! =)

I was smiling all the way, like some idiot! Hehe. I smiled at the people collecting tickets, i smiled at the people showing us to our seats, i smiled at the other ppl there to watch the show... Haha, sorry, i can be embarrassing. =)

The show was really really good, it's gonna be hard to describe so, i guess i won't say much, except... if u have RM77 to spare go get the student priced tix on a weekday one hour b4 the show.

Very entertaining. My favourite was when they used some pipe-like thing of different lengths to hit the floor to make music. Love the sound and it's really funny. I like it when they used water bottles; and then the sticks, where they sort of acted out something like a sword fight; and then... the newspaper!! Nice. They also required audience participation, just clapping, it's fun. They kept me laughing.

I kinda laughed so much one of the the rubberbands i wear with my braces broke! Haha, just snapped, happens. And... i took them out and threw them on the floor... gross, i know, and i'm sorry, what was i supposed to do, wrap them up in a tissue and keep it for the dustbin till after the show?

Good, decent idea, but OOPS, didnt think of it till i started blogging. Next time i'll do that okays?

Here's how the area around my computer looked like while i was struggling to complete the law assignment. There's my comp on the right. Two stools on the left for me to put my books for reference, and in front, my file of lecture and tutorial notes. And my highlighters of course! =)


Joey said...

Oooohhh...sounds like u had loads of fun. hehe...I wish I win stuff like ur Mum does. Maybe it's cos I don't try hard enough. hehe

soo imm said...

i soooooo wanted to watch it sob.. but apparently none of my frens know how to appreciate such shows. grrr
glad u had fun :)

supplementals said...

WALIAUUU!!! thats all i have to say WALIAUUU!!! did u take pics of it?

sue lin said...

Noooooo, supplementals, i didn't!!! Neither one of us have camera phones la! And i never thought of bringing a cam, i thought i was gonna sit far far behind!
What a waste right?? And i forgot to mention Alex Yoomg was there, some tv two announcer, and some band memebers!! Yerrr, waste!! All i have is those tix.

Yup, Soo Imm n Joey, it was really really fun. Joey my mom joins almost every contest there is, until 4am sumtimes, not that easy. It's her hobby. Soo Imm, i thought a lot of people wanted to go?? Crazy!