Sunday, September 11, 2005

Belly Dancing

Hehe, i guess i did talk a lot about cheerleading and failed to update the interested (talking about u J!! =) about the belly dancing classes.

A friend who recently started a new semester, she didn't know i took up belly dancing. When i got to hang out with her, i brought up the topic, she was like "What???" And i said "You heard me... want to join???"

And she did, i knew she would! Hehe, finally, a teman!

Haha, belly dancing... is a very very good workout. We jump about for 3-4 minutes straight to the song and sweat buckets. And then there's the learning how to move your hips, not easy... i look so jerky. Not smooth, but things like that builds my confidence.

I didn't make any friends there, except for the teacher, who is a 2nd year student at Monash. It's not a team like cheerleading, it's more of a class. And the members are permanent, there aren't a few new students every week but some return and some don't. I'll definitely return, i love the workout.


Joey said...

heheh...sounds like fun AND you get to exercise. Awww...I want something liddat, too. Show ur moves next time k?

sue lin said...

Haha, shy shy lar, some more i'm not so good lar...