Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Year 1, Sem 2 , Part 6

Ohhh... 500 words to go... Stupid law assignment, it's so confusing and so subjective and due tomorrow! =(

It's nice to read law but it's not fun to apply. There are so many exceptions and this contrasts that and i dunno lar.

Their guidelines to doing well says students who 'consistently obtain best marks are those who commence and complete assignments early'. Hahaha, so not gonna do well. =( And they adviced us to ask someone to read our work before we hand it out. So last minute, who wanna read my work? 2500 words summore.

My neighbour, she asked me to read her 4000word essay (and it killed me) but she wrote it days before her due date, sure la got time to ask me to 2 read. She did well, 81%. I'm only hoping for 66%.

But not fair laaaa, i have 2 write on law, she gets to do creative writing... =( Why oh why, did i take business? So dumb right, i have the parents who'd let me do anything i want and i choose business?? Shoot me!!!!

It's too late for me to change now. And i do remember why i chose to do business, crap la, too hopeful then.

I don't hate my degree.... i just think... that the grass is greener on the other side??

Shit, should have taken mass comm or some kind of designing. I love creative writing. And yesterday(Sunday), while i was slaving away at my law assignment, my father and my sister were painting a picture of the flowers they put into a vase. Oh... i really really longed to join them... =( Remember my kitten painting???



She's Jess said...

Sue Lin, I'm doing Business as wlel.. something which I don't long for.. Like you.. I belong to the more creative world.. I want to be a dgital illustrator!!

But anyway.. I believe you can do it. I mean, in your law assignment as well as the rest :)

Jazzy*Pam said...

Lols, I so agree with you! Law is fun but it's not when you have to apply it! But I kinda miss studying 'em now, u know?

Lols, did I just say that?? What's gotten into me??

ahsv said...

amanda was here!!! miss me? hehe..we should meet up one day! take care!

sue lin said...

Jess, i dunno lar, so dying with my subjects!! And those science people seem to be getting more As then us business ppl at monash u know? Unfair! Haha. Of course i don't regret quitting science...

Cheryl, haha, i guess that happens one, once it's over u start to miss it, but when ur going through it... can't wait till it's over. hehe

hie Aanda, thanks for visiting! hows ausmat??? meet up in late november ok??

Jazzy*Pam said...

yeah exactly! i couldn't wait for the exams, the lectures, the fuss and all that to be over when i'm studying them!

rite now, i have this crazy thought to actually take out my law notes and read them! lols, I'm just not crazy enough to really do that yet! :D

sue lin said...

Haha! I know, it happems! I'm keeping my spm add maths stuff. One day i'll do the problems in there for fun! ONE DAY. Hehe