Sunday, August 28, 2005


My body, shoulders and knees in particular, are aching as i Blog. Cheerleading practise yesterday(Friday). The dance part was ok, the stunts were what caused me pain and suffering estimated to last at least 48 hours, but it's worth it.

On the contrary to what i once wrote, i wasn't the bottom of the pyramid, i was carried. Hehe. But it wasn't a 'free ride' as the captain says. We are supposed to use our hands to support some of our own weight, hence my aching shoulders.

It was so fun being up there, i actually stood up, but so did a few others la. My legs were wobbly, out of fear i guess?? But i wasn't scared... Captain said to me "Your heart is brave, but your legs are not". Hahahahahaha, got such thing ar?

Apparently with me lor.

My friend, D was scared, so scared she held onto the fire-emergency-water-sprickler-pipe thing on the ceiling. Hahahahaha. We had one of our hysterical laughter phase after practise.

Funny! Fun! But i think that'll be my first and last time being up there la. =( But must be considerate right? I'm not light, takkan expect them to carry me again right? For once i wished i was shorter! =)

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