Saturday, September 17, 2005

In A Nutshell

Wedneday: There's this awfully skinny old Sunway staff who stalks the cafeteria in the morning. He castes his sneering scrutinizing eyes on everyone, including my law lecturer who was having her breakfast alone. Apparently, he's aim is to target indecent couples who publicly show affection. His definition of indecent is very conservative. When caught, speaking from experience, he'd tell u to "do this somewhere else", and then stare at u with eyes that could kill.

Thursday: Found out K finally got a boyfriend. Finally. Spent a lot of time chatting away with Is.

Friday: Sent about full 30 smses to C, an old school friend, catching up on the latest gossip. Sinful but i savoured every sms. Hehe. =P

Watched Lords of Dogtown with P, her friend, another C, A and of course E. The show's just alright, nothing special aside the 'cool' factor. After having dinner at Secret Recipe.

At Secret Recipe, the food i ordered wasn't really good, but i enjoyed it anyway, gobbled it down. And did u know pumpkin soup is just like dahl?? Ate that too. Had cheerleading practice before that you see. And we practiced stunts. The guys were a no-show yesterday, so girls had to do the carrying. Mostly the captain and L carried, I tried carrying only a bit and it's not really that hard... but painful. Guess i wore the wrong kind of shirt, the buttons of my shirt were digging into my skin. And my arms are aching today. Gotta do more exercise lar.

In the morning i went for an accounting talk by Peter Ho. Damn funny. He referred to a company as a chicken and he brought a fake chicken. A company's performance is evaluated by it's profits, chickens produce eggs. He actually brought eggs to his talk!

If the chicken doesn't perform well, someone would kill it, he cracked the open into a glass and threw the egg shells onto the floor in the lecture hall! Whoa... He then said cash is the life of a company. He used blood to represent cash. If the company has bad cash flow management, shareholders would sell their shares and the company would die on it's own.

He brought a glass of some red liquid as blood. He held that up and another egg. Asked us which was more important? The profits--eggs? Or cash--blood?? Our tutor once told us profits were more important, so we said profits?

Guess what he did? Shouted "Then cash not important ar?" and threw the egg at us, man! I was shocked! ....... Then he said it's a plastic egg. Haha. He says companies can adjust their profits. You can't do that with cash. Haha. Both profits and cash are equally important.

Ohh, didn't go for belly dancing this wee cuz i went for Stomp.

And is something wrong with my pictures?? They don't seem to be appearing... dunno whys...


Joey said...

Hi! hehe...tat Peter Ho seems to be very entertaining. Chicken and egg! haha...ur pics r fine. I can c 'em

MaS said...

well well .... ur blog certainly has more visitors than mine .... u shud try to add in the googgle adsense .... earn money ..... the more ppl enter ur site ... the more money u earn ..... my blog ... is dead .... soo ... i'll just blog for fucks la ....

sue lin said...

Hie! Peter Ho was entertaining! =)
Yup, my pix are okay, dunno why the other day they just won't load.

Mas, maybe during the holidays or something or at least after my stupid stupid stupid Marketing assignment.