Wednesday, January 23, 2008

8 more days!

Damn some thing are fast.

Close friend already resigned fr her permanent job! Thats FAST man. Thats the turnover rate in accounting firms. Throughout my 2 month internship 2006, we had many more farewell than we had birthdays.

Looking forward to sleepovers with her though! She'll be FREE when i get back!

Looking forward to shopping in KL, bestfriend misses me!

Looking forward to poker games with the guys!

Looking forward to all that CHILLI

Too lazy to make the phone calls i have to make.

Too lazy to pack. Every year i always clear up my room halfway. This year my room has to be TOTALLY empty by the time i leave!

Too lazy to sort out my Gold Coast pix

Which reminds me i havent blogged about Sydney yet... how to do so many Aussie posts within 8 days?

STILL havent even looked at my graduation pictures! Thats already a month ago.

Haven't applied for ONE permanent job yet u know??

To tell u the truth i am quite happy part timing now. I feel like part timing all the time for some time. But i know thats not good for me in d long run.

8 more days and the happy go lucky (sort of) life in Melb will end

Then the happy go lucky days in Malaysia will begin...

when that ends all u see in this blog will be tear stained BITCHING blog posts. Trust me.

Oh and if i have your Malaysian phone number, be prepared for RANDOM complain smses. I've got so much credit from keeping my Malaysian number for one year while i'm at Aust.

Only those who are with Celcom or Digi will be spared. Muahaha.


Marcus said...

Ma phone will be switched on. Throw me with some random rants. Willing and able to lend eyes and ears.

supplementals said...

Haha, nice post. Chili will greet you with more than warm welcomes and Happy go lucky days in malaysia will be spent in traffic jams lols. *changes to digi* :p

(wth.. my word verification is 'dickhead' -_-)

Sue Lin said...

Hahha, thanks Marcus! =) I'll do the same for u

Supplementals, nice meh? Hey don't change to Digi. Even the word verification agrees with me: u're a dickhead! Hahahah. Kidding!