Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thick Skin Bargain Bitch

I'm the kind of shopaholic that is attracted to bargains. I can't resist cheap stuff. I end up buying 2 or 3 of the same thing if its cheap. 20% discounts never fool me.

So i call myself a Bargain Bitch. I love shopping but i don't buy unless its cheap...

I need a chair... or two. To dump my laptop bag and stuff on in my room. Stupid chairs here are expensive. Like 39 dollars for a good one. The stupid stool, the plastic kind u sit on when u are at the pasar malam costs 5 dollars. =

One fine day as i was walking back from class, there at the trash area were two perfectly good blue (matches my room) chairs with armrests! There was also a blue computer chair with wheels!!! I want them all!!!!

I started to pull the computer chair away... and my friend told me to better not do that... I turned around and saw "Under survelience" (forgive my spelling, i seem to have forgotten how to spell everything).

Scared, i put back the chair and decided to go ask someone if i could recycle the trash. So i went to the closest building and asked. I was told to ask the works department. And so i did. And they said "Why not?"!!!! =) =) =)

But it wasn't meant to be. By the time i went back to the trash area... my chairs were all gone... =(


Jocelyn said...

GONE?? Awww man...someone beat u to it? Or did the collectors took 'em away?

Ur room's blue?? Teehee :D

sakurablossom said...

When you see things beside the trash outside, you can take it. People don't care wan...which is the point that it is with the trash right?

sakurablossom said...

It is very typical at western countries.

sue lin said...

Jocelyn, i have no idea! =( My room's not exactly blue... but blue matches =)

I'll get to the pix as fast as i can... still taking forever now that tutorial work's coming in

Sakurablossom, yeah ur right... i guess the camera is just in case someone throws away something illegal and not because u take things from the trash?

sakurablossom said...

thats right and also security ma at night