Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Nonsense Post

Crossing the road back to my place from uni, i shaded my eyes from the setting sun. Hey! The sun is setting more towards the left than it did back in April when me and my ex-housemates had our kite-flying day.

My time in the Peninsula is coming to an end. So many things to do. Need to see.... Gotta help AN and HS... Gotta pay... gotta...
i'll get it all done

Right now. I'm happy. Never had i had such a relaxed and fulfilling holiday. Despite having to work 3 weeks of washing toilet and mopping floor shifts. Despite returning the car.

I'm still happy. Shopped alone. E rather sit in front of the computer shop. Alls fine. Made him do laundry n chop the veggies for dinner. My house-husband for now! =) Hahah, he doesnt wanna work cuz he's going back to work for good. I'm cool.

Bought a dress for $20. Bought 2 bags for $20. Bought a miniskirt for $20. Retail therapy. Happy happy =)


Sue Lin said...

Oooh, after posting that i've been blog hopping and everyone seems to be reflecting on 2007. For me... though the dates have changed, 2007 hasn't ended for me

No, not yet, not for me. It ends when I say so, and i say it ends when i arrive in Singapore! ;)

Taking SIA, so transit in Spore.

I'll be stuck in Spore for a few hours, i plan to take out my laptop and THEN only i'll reflect on 2007

Sue Lin said...

I. Cannot. Take. Food. Blogs.

Please. No! Tummy. Grumbling! 4.15am! Reading blogs. Seeing food. The torture!

Please. Shoot me instead of shooting your food!

+ : A d a M : + said...

ok its very weird to see u commenting on your own blog. =S

help me do what.....? U STILL HAVNT PAID MY BIGPOND BILL?!?!?!?!?! lolz!

Sue Lin said...

I like to comment on my own blog instead of creating a new post. Dun want the main page to be full of my shit. =P

I paid RIGHT before the due date. I always do that even with my own bills. Yours was due today so paid yesterday. Nah...

Transaction details
Receipt number: N010881078499

1. From account: xxxx xxxx xxxx Streamline Unlimited

2. To:
Bill nickname: Adam Internet
Biller code: 0000929919
Customer reference number: 015771033

3. Amount: $57.75
Your transaction description: Adam owes me

4. When: 08/01/2008 02:35:25 am Sydney time

5. Authorised by: SUE xxx

Urgggg i did both ur stuff n Hui Shan's stuff but i didnt do my OWN stuff! Hahah. Shit

Joey said...

How do you always manage to get such good (shopping) bargains?

Sue Lin said...

The skirt was luck... i actually didnt bother going into that shop cuz i know its expensive. But then i saw their sign on the wall advertising skirts from $10 so i went in.

The dress is VERY thin material la and the shop its from isnt so expensive in the first place, ori price is $29.90, so $20 is only abt 35% off.

The bags also no brand wan... i just like the design. Its something i;ve been looking for. Plus its cheap! HAHAH