Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Ms Navigator, as E now calls me, took a break from the maps

to camwhore =)

Pic of herself! Look at the sunshine on my face! Effect of the sunroof!

Took a pic of the driver, my beloved E with the beloved sunroof...

And took pictures of other cars (and boats).

In the future, once i bought my house and my (2nd) car, i'll look into buying a boat of some sort

Our first and main destination of the evening was actually the Peninsula Hotsprings. The hotsprings was heavenly beautiful and sooo relaxing. Didn't take pictures cuz i had a feeling u cant just snap away like u are at the beach, though everyone was in swimwear...

Left at about 8.15pm, quick shower and then decided to spontaneously head to the lighthouse (cuz we saw a road sign that says the lighthouse is only 12km away).

With daylight savings...

We got THERE just as the sun was setting in the horizon!

Camwhored with the colourful sunset sky

And with the lighthouse in the background =) It was $15 per person entry to the lighthouse but we were so late that the place is closed (too stingy to pay anyway). It was $4.30 for the carpark but we were so late that the carpark was open and FREE! Hehe

One the way home, we parked by the (empty) roadside to take more shots

A day-off work well spent! =)


Patchay said...

happy new year!!!! belated one hehehe ..

tak balik msia meh?

Sue Lin said...

Happy New Year to ya too! Balik later la, end of the month. U leh???

Marcus said...

Happy New Year too. Tell Elwyn he looks like one of those characters in the manga DragonBall. Errr...the character called Goku. =)

Sue Lin said...

Happy New Year to u too Marcus! He'll read this on this own here =)